Typhone Ondoy Relief Response Progress Report from NCY Philippines

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YMCA of the Philippines


1. Introduction:

On October 6, 2009, following the immediate response and initiatives of some local YMCAs in Metro Manila, the Staff of the YMCA of the Philippines went around to identify areas seriously affected by floods caused by typhoon Ondoy which hit the country on 26 September 2009. Some photos taken during the inspection visit are shown in this report. In consultation with the Office of the Mayor and the DSWD Staff of Angono, Rizal, the following areas were selected for relief operation: Barangay Aguinaldo with 200 families, Barangay Villaluz with 130 families and another 55 families in Barangay Rosario, all in Kalayaan, Angono, Rizal. While all houses in said areas were submerged in chest high water, the residents still chose to remain in their houses or join relatives with higher and sturdier shelters because they could not be accommodated in the evacuation centers provided by the government which are congested with very limited facilities and provisions such as toilet, water, cooking utensils. The centers are also vulnerable to diseases due to over population and unsanitary condition.


The relief goods package consisted of 5 kilos of rice, 1 kilo of sugar, 1 can luncheon meat, 2 cans corned beef, 4 packs of instant noodles, 1 pack coffee creamer, 1 pack instant coffee, 1 pack powdered milk and a bag of biscuit or a total cost of P355.00 per bag. A separate 1 gallon drinking water each for 385 families were also distributed to Barangays Vicente and Exodus through the evacuation center coordinator.

We brought the relief goods in two mini trucks with the staff and volunteers riding in a van. We had to reload the goods into 12 mini boats which were pushed, drawn or paddled by both men and children. Each boat was accompanied each by us for the house-to-house distribution of the goods. Some houses have 2 or 4 families. We started at around 11: 30 a .m. and finished by 2 p.m.

The cost of the whole operation amounted to P183,500.07 as presented in the attached report.

2. Follow-up efforts will depend on how much contribution and resources would become available. As stated in our earlier proposal, there are two (2) more areas waiting to be served. Once the required funding support is received, the YMCA staff will organize follow-up response to these pre-identified unreached areas.

3. In behalf of the YMCA of the Philippines and the participating local YMCAs and partners, we would like to extend our appreciation and special gratitude to all those who sent their contribution and gave pledges. Thank you also in advance to those who will still contribute. To everyone, our deepest appreciation for your solidarity and kind support.

4. Other areas identified waiting to be served:

  1. Barangay Kanan/Kaliwa, Sta, Ana, Pateros, Metro Manila . These are low-lying barangays which may stay submerged in water in weeks or months and there have been no/less support provided by any agencies. Through the ocular made by the staff, immediate needs identified by DSWD staff are: blankets, sleeping mats, towels, slippers and drinking water. There are about 150 families identified in this community.
  2. Sitio Sucaben in Antipolo City has a total land area of 2000 sq. meters with about 160 families residing. Being an isolated from mainstream community, the residents are rarely visited by local government officials and are not getting enough assistance. Immediate needs are basic food such as rice, canned goods, coffee, sugar, etc.
  3. Other affected areas both in Northern Luzon with YMCAs affected will initiate their own responses in coordination with the Federation office namely: Dagupan, Pangasinan, Nueva Ecija and Cagayan Valley .
  4. In Southern Luzon, San Pablo and Los Banos initiated a relief response to affected families in Sta. Cruz, Laguna where there is also a local YMCA. We have requested them to prepare their appeal separately for endorsement of the National Office.


National General Secretary