APAY e-Learning on Climate Change

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Last Updated (Thursday, 07 May 2020 13:13)

We believe educating our younger generation on climate change is one of the best ways to combat global warming and natural disasters. We have been witnessing natural disasters, droughts, and tsunami more than ever before. Global warming is a real threat we are facing today and unless we do something about it. It will only get worse. APAY e-learning course aims to not only educate its learners but also empower and equip our learners to combat climate change.

This year (2020) we enrolled 15 participants from India. This group was initiated by Franklin from Velore YMCA. To make effective usuage of the time during their lockdown period, they decided to conduct the e-learning on Climate Change course for those in their YMCA who are interested.

Franklin, who completed our previous e-learning course in 2019 and also participated in the Regional Conference on Climate Change in Mongolia in September 2019, will be mentoring the group and APAY will provide a certificate of completion to the participants.

We are also in the process of updating and re-developing our e-learning platform on Climate Change. We are working together with Makati YMCA staff and volunteers on this project. Hopefully the new e-learning modules and platform will be ready in a few months from now. Our GATN Managers will be requested to help test it when the the new elearning platform comes online.

During these months of restricted travel and gathering, all GATN physical activities have been stopped at the moment. However, GATN is using this “grounded” time to for the following online discussions with local GATN managers:

  1. Compiling lessons and insights on “what GATN can learn from this pandemic"
  2. Developing a “new normal” practice/guidelines for GATN
  3. Researching on links/relationship between Travel/Tourism/Climate Change and Covid19
  4. Developing a campaign on responsible and sustainable tourism --- “Traveling the YMCA Way”