Regional Green Ambassadors Training


Last Updated (Friday, 20 December 2019 12:16)

“Let’s Act on Climate Change: Restore our Nature and Promote Sustainable Livelihoods and Peace” is this year’s theme of the Regional Green Ambassadors Training held last 18-23 November 2019 in Chiangmai, Thailand. The training was joined by 22 participants from YMCAs, school partners and like-minded organization working on ecological preservation in Myanmar, Cambodia, Mongolia, Philippines, Indonesia and Thailand. Participants comprise of YMCA youth volunteer and staff, educators and students.

This training that is co-organized by Asia and Pacific Alliance of YMCAs and Sao Hin YMCA to continue the mission for healthy and well protected environment supporting a sustainable living aimed to have practical and incremental learning effects for all the participants by sharing good practices and providing a practical opportunity to better understand the concept and practice of climate change education. Thus the exposures on the following areas provided experiential learning:



Together with these exposure visits, the presentation of good practices/case studies on environment and climate change education led to identification of environmental problems as a common concern for climate action. The participants then presented their action plans and commitments.

Danoy Long, a youth volunteer participant from YMCA of Cambodia expressed her commitment saying that, “Through this training I learnt the importance of changing my daily habits. Firstly, I say “no to single use plastic”. Secondly, I will save energy by reducing the number of hours of using electricity and finally I will start using bicycle and public transport. I also believe that we need to engage in advocacy on policies and laws that will protect the environment and the people.”

Maria Cristina Miranda
Executive Secretary