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Appropriate Technology Program in the Rural Area

This program started in 1989 in Myanmar. The philosophy of Appropriate Technology is to prevent the unemployment problems created by Advanced Technology as well as the degradation of the environment. The real essence of this technology is to help poor people who could not invest much and to provide simple technology that will reduce their work burden.

The YMCAs of Myanmar provide technology to build Economic Stoves to the poor people. This technology enables them to save up to 60% of the fuel wood, thus helping them save 60% of the expenses on fuel wood. Another major impact is the preservation of the forest.

Moreover, a small-scale hydropower helps provide the poor with electricity, replacing candles and providing brighter lights for children who are studying.

The solar dryers, on the other hand, help produce better quality dried food in lesser amount of time.

Low cost housing also helps poor people to have decent houses with low cost that lead them to have a better living condition.

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