Resolving Youth Unemployment through Entrepreneurial Training Scheme

I. Main goal of the YMCA of Vietnam and the ETS

The YMCA of Vietnam from its foundation (1992) has always concentrated on the sustainable development of the poor, youth, women, children, ethnic minorities and communities. There are various programs on eradicating poverty, sustainable communities. The main program is named ETS (Entrepreneurial Training Scheme) with the establishment of the Hope Vocational Training School in June 1998, supported by APAY and the German Church Development Service (EED).

II. The Training Content

The Vocational Training Program aims at equipping youth with professional skills in motorcycle repairing, electronics and refrigeration through a six-month a half course, theory and practice at the school and after the graduation of students, a six-month probation at one of the attachment workshops of the YMCA or of the institutions that have good relations with the Y. A loan as starting aid is provided for those who meet the criteria to open their micro-enterprise at their native village. This is the meaning of the ETS- train the youth to become an entrepreneur and not only a simple worker earning his/her living by his/her wages in the factory. The follow-up and the refresher course are also made for the graduate students to help them to ameliorate their profession after they leave the school.

III. The Beneficiaries

All the youth without any distinction of gender, religion, class and ethnic group may participate in the programme. Majority of students are the poor youth from the Northern, Central and Southern provinces of Vietnam.

A full scholarship is provided for women (empowerment of women), disabled, orphans, street children, ethnic minorities and very poor students.

A reduction of tuition fee is also provided for poor youth and the students whose parents have died for the country and for those who have fulfilled their military service.

IV. Inputs

From the 1 st course in November 1998, till now, there are 20 courses with 760 students, 530 have graduated from Hope Vocational School, 132 have started their own micro-enterprise in their village, 78 were introduced by the school and are working in big companies, joint venture in Ho Chi Minh City, and for the remainder (320), most of them found jobs in companies or workshops by themselves.

The ETS has greatly contributed to the redevelopment of the country, to the solution of unemployment of youth and to the empowerment of youth and poor communities.

The Vietnam government and the local people have highly appreciated the good works of the ETS and this prepares the official recognition of the YMCA presence in Vietnam by the government.

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