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The Youth Forum and 16 th General Assembly in March had created a greater awareness and interest of youth in the realities that we face in community today. Concern for building sustainable communities and being in solidarity with the marginalised and the poor was expressed. To channel the enthusiasm and energy of our young leaders into meaningful community acts, we have planned two work camps, one in Vietnam and the other in Indonesia.

5 th International Youth Work Camp in Vietnam : Twenty-three young people from Australia, Korea, Malaysia and New Zealand have so far registered for the 5 th International Youth Work Camp in Vietnam to be held on 17-28 July 2004 in Mo Cay District, Ben Tre' Province, Vietnam. The participants will assist in completing the work required for the 2 classrooms built for 120 kindergarten and primary pupils in the Mo Cay District. The participants will also deliberate on youth issues in a Forum. This biennial Work Camp has provided opportunities for Vietnamese youth to interact with youth from other Asian/Pacific countries and build mutual understanding as they work together, serving the community. The coordination of the Work Camp is rotated among the participating YMCAs and the National Council of YMCAs of Korea is the Coordinator for this year's Work Camp.

Youth Environmental Work Camp - Fostering Sustainability : The APAY in collaboration with the National Council of YMCAs of Indonesia and the YMCA of Manado, is organising an Environmental Work Camp in Ratahan, North Sulawesi from 7-14 August 2004 . The Work Camp is also organised as a celebration of the Indonesian YMCA's 55th Anniversary. The deadline for registrations is 20 July 2004.

The environmental work camp aims to provide an opportunity for around one hundred Indonesian and overseas young volunteer and Student YMCA leaders between 18-30 years for interaction as they engage in reforestation on the denuded slopes of hills in Ratahan. They will hold discussions with the focus on pollution of the seas and impact on mangroves and marine life and visit Bunaken Marine Park.

Details and Application Forms for both Work Camps are available at your National YMCA Office or from our Website,


Issues have become increasingly common across countries in our region due to intensive globalisation. Many of these issues can now no longer be addressed effectively solely within national boundaries. Therefore there is a need for communicating, sharing of ideas, building partnerships and alliances, and working together for common goals. Networking varies according to the context and the issues. It can be issue -based, networking with organisations with common goals. It can be people's networking facilitated by groups or organisations. They can link local organising efforts and structures to facilitate active participation.

ver the years several formal and informal networks have been active in specific areas of concern and have grown in their influence or impact on work in our region,. Examples of these are:

  • The Asia and Pacific YMCA Hotels/Hostels/Conference Centres Network (since 1970)
  • The YMCA International Deaf Youth Camp Network (since 1975)
  • The APAY YouthNet (since 1999)
  • The YMCA Migrant Workers Centres Network (since 2001)
  • The Ecumenical Asia Pacific Students and Youth Network (EASY NET) (since 2001)
  • The APAY-CCA-EED Inter-religious Cooperation Programme (ICP) (since 2003)

We encourage movements to sustain and also to build these communities that strengthen the work of the movement in a variety of focus areas. If your movement is working any of these areas and would like to be involved in these networks, contact us. We also welcome communications and ideas from these networks as we explore new forms of partnerships in strengthening and developing work in various concerns within our region.

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