APAY eNews No. 02/2010~Feb-March 2010

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Asia and Pacific Alliance of YMCAs


APAY e-News No.2 February-March 2010

e-News Contents

  1. Executive Committee Affirms Programmatic Thrusts for the Year
  2. 18th General Assembly 2011 in Penang
  3. Global Citizenship Education (GCE) Training of Trainers, 25-30 May
  4. Youth Committee Impacts ECM 2010
  5. Updates ~
  6. Ecumenical News...Our Partners...and Networks
  7. Congratulations! YMCA Anniversaries...
  8. Emergency Appeal for Chile's Earthquake Victims
  9. In Memoriam ~ Hajime Fujimori
  10. World Council (WC) 2010 Updates
  11. New APAY Website Ready for Testing
  12. Forthcoming Events/Meetings
  13. Notice!!!
  14. From the Desk of the General Secretary...

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