Green Ambassadors Training (Virtual)

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6-12 October 2020; 3:00-6:00 pm HKT


One of the intervention programs of Asia and Pacific Alliance of YMCAs in its continued efforts to combat climate change is its annual conduct of the Green Ambassadors Training. Due however to the current COVID19 situation, the training was held virtually last 6-12 October 2020 at 3-6pm (HKT). Around 70 young staff and volunteers from the YMCA movements in China, Hong Kong, India, Myanmar, Mongolia, Philippines, Sri Lanka and Thailand participated the said training that was aimed to educate YMCA staff, leaders, volunteers, youth and communities to bring about behavioral changes in order to reduce carbon footprints and to advocate for eco-justice.

The training that was moderated by the APAY Green Team included the following areas of learning as part of the continued commitment to strengthen Green Movement towards a carbon neutral YMCA by 2030:

  • Climate Crisis, Policy and Advocacy on Climate Justice: A keynote presentation by Sze Pang Cheung, Executive Director, Greenpeace East Asia
  • Carbon Emission and Carbon Footprint Calculation and YMCA towards becoming Carbon Neutral by 2030: an input presentation and workshop by Colin Lambie, APAY Green team Member and YMI Green Team
  • Sustainable Development Goals on Climate Change: an input presentation by Lee Man Key, APAY Green Team Member and Coordinating Secretary (Kowloon District 1), Chinese YMCA of Hong Kong Chinese YMCA of Hong Kong
  • Action Planning led by Narupacha Muang-in, APAY Green Team Member and Head of Climate Change Education Program at Sao Hin YMCA

The training also included case studies related to YMCA good practices on climate change action. Three YMCAs presented their case studies and the impact it created to their communities. The following case studies were presented:

  1. Green YMCA and Green Community: YMCA of Makati, YMCA Philippines; Presented by Magda Gana, Program Secretary, YMCA of Makati, Green Ambassador Batch 2018
  2. Sao Hin YMCA Educational Center; Presented by Narupacha Muang-in, Head of Climate Change Education Program at Sao Hin YMCA
  3. Environmental Conservation; Presented by Saw Tun Lu, Manager, Sustainable Livelihood and Community Development Project, Myanmar YMCA

Equally important session included the participants sharing of their national environment and climate change situation; and the current actions done in their respective countries and/or YMCAs. The participants also presented their action plan/project that is intended to be directly implemented in their respective YMCAs or communities.

↑  Green Ambassadors Training 2020 Participants with their commitment to take action on Climate Change

Through the designed learning sessions, APAY is confident that the participants, referred to as Green Ambassadors, will continue the work in encouraging their respective YMCAs and communities to reduce their greenhouse gas emissions; forming and/or strengthening Green Team in local YMCAs levels; increasing its engagement in environmentally friendly practices in local YMCAs and communities by integrating environmental issues into YMCA programs; creating more Green YMCAs and Green Communities; expanding Green YMCA and Green Organization Network; conducting carbon audit; and developing green action plan towards becoming a carbon neutral YMCA by 2030.

~ Maria Cristina Miranda, Executive Secretary for Programs