The YMCA Los Baños Celebrated its 100th Anniversary

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This Hi-Y Club Highlights

  • 100 Years Thanksgiving Program
  • YMCA Los Banos: A Brief History
  • Tinig Makiling Chorale of LBHNS BM Sings


Celebrating 100 Years of YMCA Los Baños: Hi-Y BM Takes Center Stage

Los Baños, November 30, 2023 - Last November 22, 2023, the vibrant and dynamic Hi-Y BM (Hi-Y Batong Malake) club participated in the grand celebration of the 100 Years of YMCA Los Baños at the iconic YMCA Hall. The event showcased a rich program that highlighted the historical significance of the YMCA in the community. The flow of the program was meticulously crafted to commemorate the century-long journey of YMCA Los Baños. It commenced with an uplifting Opening Worship and Blessing of the Social Hall, led by the esteemed Rev. Rose Kalagayan Agustin. The atmosphere was filled with a sense of reverence and gratitude for the longstanding presence of YMCA in the lives of the people of Los Baños.

Fit for Service to Fellowmen

The Tining Makiling Chorale of LBNHS - Batong Malake, with their melodious voices, took the stage to render the National Anthem, setting a patriotic tone for the evening. Following this, YMCA President and Trustee Rodolfo V. Tolentino delivered a warm Welcome Message, expressing gratitude to the community for their continuous support. The General Secretary of YMCA, Rolito H. Bacalangco Jr., took the opportunity to acknowledge the collective efforts and contributions that have made YMCA Los Baños a pillar of the community. Trustee Fredita Q. Villamayor then presented a captivating journey through time with "YMCA Los Baños: A Brief History," showcasing the organization's evolution and impact over the past century.

Rev. Rose of CAP (Church Among the Palms) together with the YMCA Trustees, employees and students of different school in Los Banos for the blessing of the YMCA Social Hall

Tinig Makiling Chorale of LBNHS - Batong Malake performs National Anthem during the opening program

One of the highlights of the evening was the Awarding of the Anniversary Poster, recognizing the creativity and talent that emerged in celebration of this momentous occasion. The celebration continued with a captivating Mini Concert featuring selected talented students from various schools collaborating with Hi-Y clubs. The participating schools included LBNHS Batong Malake, LBNHS Poblacion, Christian School International (CSI), Bayog Senior High School, Los Baños Integrated School (LBIS), and Colegio De Los Baños (CDLB). The performances resonated with the audience, showcasing the vibrant youth culture within the Hi-Y community.

Trustee Sally R. Tumambing delivered the Closing Remarks, expressing gratitude to everyone who contributed to the success of the event and emphasizing the importance of continued community engagement. The evening concluded with a Fellowship, fostering a sense of camaraderie and unity among the attendees. The Master of Ceremonies, YMCA General Secretary Rolito H. Bacalangco Jr., skillfully guided the program, ensuring a seamless and memorable celebration. The 100 Years of YMCA Los Baños celebration not only marked a significant milestone in the history of the organization but also highlighted the role of Hi-Y BM and other youth groups in contributing to the vibrant legacy of YMCA in the community. The event served as a testament to the enduring spirit of service, community, and collaboration that defines YMCA Los Baños.

by Rudjerick C. Ocampo