4th National General Secretaries Meeting

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Last Updated (Wednesday, 07 October 2020 18:26)

Held on September 10, 2020, through Zoom

The 4th National General Secretaries (NGSs) Meeting of the APAY was held on September 10, at 3 PM to 6 PM through Zoom. Twenty-nine members attended the said meeting representing 18 countries of the AP region. The following members are NGSs of the national council of YMCAs and their proxies, General Secretary and staff of the APAY: NGS Taguchi Tsutomu, Naomi Kamijo (Japan), NGS Nipun Sangma, (Bangladesh) NGS Hem Thel (Cambodia ) Wang Lu, Shao Hui (China), NGS Peter Ho (Hong Kong), NGS Bertram Devadas(India), NGS Retha Andoea (Indonesia), Da-eun Yang (Korea), Cecilia Lou (Macau), NGS Ong Sooi Gaik (Malaysia), NGS Munkhtsog Davaadorj (Mongolia), NGS Maung Maung Win (Myanmar), NGS Samuel Pervez (Pakistan), NGS Pablito A. Tabucol (Philippines), NGS Phyllis Tan, Grace Chan, Denis Chan (Singapore), NGS Theonis C Brownson (Sri Lanka), NGS James Tou (Taiwan ), NGS Chularat Phongtudsirikul (Thailand). From APAY, Nam Boo Won, General Secretary; Maria Christina Miranda, Executive secretary for Programs; Sunita Suna, Executive Secretary for Programs; Chan Beng Seng, Coordinator, Global Alternative Tourism Network; Muriel Montenegro, Coordinator, Interfaith Cooperation Forum.

The primary purpose of the meeting was to understand the situation of YMCAs amid the COVID-19 Pandemic in the contexts of diverse realities and connect in these difficult times to work together in collaboration to overcome some specific challenges.

The staff presented reports giving an overview of the current situation of COVID19 Pandemic in their countries, ongoing and upcoming works of YMCAs, challenges, responses and collective actions. The APAY staff shared the programs and activities coordinated and organized virtually at the regional level. General Secretary Nam Boo Won moderated the NGSs Meeting.

Staff sharing helped to deepen understanding on the current situation of COVID19 Pandemic in different countries; different ways local and national YMCAs has responded to the pandemic challenges in their contexts, development of collective actions to continue the vital work etc. Some YMCAs found it challenging to connect with the communities due to the lockdown, restrictions, and social distancing laid down by their governments. Many YMCAs took advantage of the advanced technologies to connect virtually, but the fact remains the same in the AP region, that internet access for specific countries, still a challenge! Many YMCAs carried out relief work providing food packages, masks, sanitizers etc. to the vulnerable communities against all the odds. Due to the lockdown and travel restrictions across the globe businesses are badly affected; hence many YMCAs are experiencing the financial crunch. On the other hand, members acknowledged that COVID19 Pandemic created compassion to show support and solidarity in different ways. At the regional level, the ongoing works of Youth Empowerment, Gender Justice, YMCA Basic Training, GATN, ICF, continues through virtual conferences.



↑  NGS Meeting participants on Sep 10 through Zoom

The NGSs meeting was also an opportunity to meet online to hear from each other since face to face meeting is not possible and seek God's comfort and guidance as different people are experiencing the Pandemic differently.

~Sunita Suna, Executive Secretary for Programs