ICF Launched the digital version of Seek Peace and Pursue It: Daring to Take Small Steps

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Last Updated (Wednesday, 07 October 2020 18:17)

Generally, the book launching programs intends to promote and sell the book. The Interfaith Cooperation Forum launched the e-book Seek Peace and Pursue It: Daring to Take Small Steps to promote the book as part of ICF’s advocacy towards peacebuilding and to encourage the people - young and old - to step onboard and join in the efforts of building peaceable communities.

On September 29, 2020, the Interfaith Cooperation Forum held the virtual e-book launching at 3:00 p.m. Fifteen minutes earlier, the participants said their greetings to each other. The program formally started with the playing of the song “Let there be Peace on Earth” composed by Jill Jackson-Miller and Sy Miller in 1955, and performed by the School of Peace 2018 participants. The APAY General Secretary, Nam Boo Won gave his words of welcome, followed by the greetings from the new Executive Secretary for Programs, Sunita Suna.

Muriel Orevillo-Montenegro, the ICF Coordinator, gave the background of the birthing of the book project and introduced the writers using PowerPoint slides. Then, Saw Tun Lu, School of Peace 2019 alumnus from Myanmar, shared his experience to respond to the call to write an essay in English. A thematic workshop alumna from the Philippines, and was struggling with her internet connection, Teodora “Dory” N. Dotusme, finally was able to show up and shared the process of mulling over a book cover design that will reflect the title of the book. Annika Denkmann shared that while she did some layout in the past, doing the layout for the book is her first time to do a big project.

Thena Posysenthong, School of Peace 2018, gave the first intermission through his recorded performance of the traditional Laotian dance called Lao Ka Sae. After the intermission, the ICF Coordinator presented the e-book, showing several pages of the front matter, especially the Table of Contents.

Divillajyn Ursos, thematic workshop alumna from the Philippines provided the second intermission, through her recorded performance of Dorothy Buchanan’s 1972 “Peace Song.” After this intermission, Cicilia Novalia Jambuani, an alumna of Peace Institute 2 from Papua, Indonesia read a portion of her essay as a warrior’s granddaughter. To end the program, GATN Coordinator, Chan Beng Seng, gave his closing remarks. We deemed it appropriate that he give the remarks, as he is one who is most knowledgeable about the very beginning and conception of the Interfaith Cooperation Forum.

Kaushila Sunuwar, School of Peace 2019 could not do her part in sharing her struggles in writing her essay because she came late as she could not connect to Zoom. The poetry reading was supposed to follow the e-book presentation. Unfortunately, like Kaushila, the Nepalese poet, Srijana Shahi, and her English translator, Sunita Thapa, both SoP 2008 alumnae, could not connect to Zoom. During that time, many participants and guests could not join because of their poor internet connection. Some sent congratulatory greetings through Messenger, saying that rain was pouring heavily in their areas; they could not connect to the internet.

↑ Participants of the Book Launching Program

While the so-called “new normal” that the pandemic brought about, and forced people to hold virtual activities, the people in the Third World areas of Asia struggle with a poor internet connection. The vicissitudes of the Third World have even worsened with the onslaught of the COVID-19 pandemic. Nevertheless, despite this, ICF is thankful to the writers, the proofreaders, the book cover and layout artists, the APAY office staff for their contributions and help they have extended, in one way or another, to make the e-book and hardcopy of the book a reality.

~ Muriel Orevillo-Montenegro, ICF Coordinator