16 Days of Activism Against Gender – Based Violence November 25 – December 10

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Dear Colleagues in the National Movements of APAY,

Greetings of Peace and Solidarity!

The 16 Days of Activism against Gender-Based Violence (GBV) is an annual international campaign that begins on 25 November, the International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women, and continues until 10 December, the Human Rights Day. It is used as an organizing strategy by individuals and organizations around the world to call for the prevention and elimination of violence against women and girls. In support of this civil society initiative, the UN’s UNiTE campaign calls for global actions to End Violence against Women.

Even though the UN UNiTE campaign has set the theme of this year for the 16 days campaign "Orange the World: Fund, Respond, Prevent, Collect!", we at the Asia Pacific YMCAs (APAY) have chosen the theme Together We Stand Against Sexual and Gender-Based Violence and invite men and women to actively participate in the 16 days of the campaign. We as YMCA actively taking part in the global campaign of 16 days of activism against sexual and gender-based violence against women, is an affirmation to the Challenge 21 that we believe in a gender just and inclusive society and this is a sign of commitment for our constituencies.

Since the 16 days of activism are dedicated from November 25 to December 10 you are free to choose one or several days to observe the campaign according to your convenience. We have prepared a liturgy on the topic.

You might like to use the same liturgy or adapt, or you can prepare your liturgy/ worship order to observe in your respective movements. We also invite you to participate in the 16 days of activism in different ways. Some ideas of your participation are mentioned at the bottom of the liturgy.

We will be happy to receive your news of 16 days of activism. So please do share with us through emails, or you can share on our Facebook page of Asia Pacific YMCAs.

Wish you all a very meaningful participation in the 16 days of activism against GBV!


Meerha Hahn Sunita Suna
Chairperson – Gender Equity Committee – APAY Executive Secretary for Programs - APAY




Sixteen Days of Activism Against Gender-Based Violence

November 25 to December 10

Together We Stand Against Sexual and Gender-Based Violence



INVOCATION (Music can be played to prepare for the worship)


God of Life,

Because you love, you inspire.

Because you create, you motivate

you call us to be the stewards of your creation with greater commitment

You have instilled new life, new hopes, and a new vision in us.

We seek your presence with open hearts

Inspire us with the Holy Spirit.

Let us worship the creator God; for we are called to be

God’s fellow workers for the restoration of the whole creation.


HYMN/SONG (please select songs/Hymns according to your choice)


There is neither Jew nor Gentile, neither slave nor free,
nor is there male and female, for you are all one in Christ Jesus.

REFLECTION (you can invite a person to reflect on the text or consider a round of reflections from the participants)



We believe in our God

Who created woman and man in God’s own image

To live in communion and harmony

With people, nature and God

We believe in Jesus Christ

The liberator of this world

Who broke the culture of silence

By affirming the status of women in society

Who called us to build a human community with love, dignity, justice and peace


We believe in the Holy Spirit

That empowers us to stand firm

Who renews and restores the integrity of the creation

Helping all people to grow together towards wholeness of life - Amen.


HYMN/SONG (please select songs/Hymns according to your choice)


PRAYERS OF INTERCESSION (The members are invited to add to the prayer of intercession below)


Leader: God we pray and seek justice for about 50 per cent of the world’s poor – who are women, live in abject poverty due to the unequal distribution of resources and unjust economic policies and structure. The Covid19 pandemic has worsened the situation of the poor, especially women.

Response: God in your mercy, turn us to you to transform the world

Leader: God we uphold in our prayer the millions of women and girls who are trapped in the organised crime of trafficking. Women who are experiencing social, physical, sexual, and psychological violence, we pray and work for a violence-free world for everyone to live in dignity.

Response: God in your mercy, turn us to you to transform the world

Leader: God, we remember the women and men in our prayer who are committed and working against gender-based violence to restore an equal and just society. We join hands in strengthening the work of the community.

Response: God in your mercy, turn us to you to transform the world

Leader: God of justice, help us to advocate against gender-based violence during the 16 days of activism and beyond. Help us to bring change in our family, church, community, and the society at large by promoting gender justice and inclusive community for all.

Response: God in your mercy, turn us to you to transform the world





Lift our hearts
To give thanks and praise All: So that together, we can say;
To respond to your call Give us today our daily bread
To live out the good news
And to be salt and light in the world Give us the wisdom
To be open to questions
All: So that together, we can say; To recognise our failings and our gifts
Hallowed be your name To seek unity
And to rejoice in your image in others
Give us the courage
To pursue peace All: So that together, we can say;
To act for justice Forgive us our sins
To work for freedom As we forgive those who sin against us.
And to prepare the way of God Lead us not into temptation
All: So that together, we can say; But deliver us from evil.
Your kingdom come, Your will be done, on
earth as in heaven May we know the love of God,
Grow in the likeness of Christ
Challenge and inspire us And be open to the Spirit
To live simply
To share what we have All: For yours is the Kingdom, the power and the glory
To offer hospitality
And to welcome strangers Now and forevermore. Amen
BLESSINGS: (in unison)
ALL: God incarnate come to us now God the energizing spirit
Empower us to liberate, ourselves Come bind us together
To journey from bondage to freedom In solidarity and love
From discrimination to equality In hope and faith
From darkness to light Prod us into action
From falsehood to truth To be energizers in this world
From death to life So that your reign encompasses
The whole wide world



• Join the local civil society organizations campaign

• Observe the Thursday in Black https://www.oikoumene.org/what-we-do/thursdays-in-black

• Organize webinars at local level on GBV

• Participate at events/ activities organized by the Interfaith Cooperation Forum (ICF) for 16 days of activism

• Use social media to advocate and campaign to end GBV and use the #16daysofactivism and #APAYWOMEN

• Organize prayer meetings to worship together to end violence against women and girls (You can use the worship prepared here or adapt this worship, or prepare one in your local languages)


(Sources: Transforming Attitudes Towards Sexuality—AWRC, Reflective Liturgy for SCM

Women-WSCF-AP. 16 Day Prayer campaign for the elimination of all forms of violence against

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