Letter to International Community from Myanmar

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Date: 3 February 2021


To: All Diplomatic Missions in Myanmar; all States and International Agencies Maintaining Relations with Myanmar


We are reaching out to express our grave concern regarding the illegal takeover of the Myanmar government by the military forces. While they have used claims of election fraud to justify their actions, we wanted to clarify that there is no provision under the Constitution or the laws of Myanmar justifying their intervention. In fact, their actions are in blatant violation of the 2008 Constitution—which they themselves drafted—as the power to declare a state of emergency is strictly reserved to the democratically elected president of the Union of Myanmar. Their actions amount to a slap in the face to the millions of Myanmar citizens who put their lives at risk in order to vote in the middle of a pandemic, as well as a betrayal of all of the promises they’ve made both to our citizens and to the international community.

As such, we cannot and will not accept as legitimate the new Myanmar-imposed government, which has been installed by the armed forces against the will of the citizens of Myanmar,and is thus illegitimate.

We urgently appeal to all embassies in Myanmar and all members of the international community to join us in rejecting this illegal military government. We further urge you to refuse to recognize this illegitimate government and to refuse to cooperate with it.

The faith of Myanmar democracy is on the line. We need the help of the international community to help us in our struggle to re-impose the rule of law and to recognize the democratically elected government, per the results of the 2020 elections.

From the bottom of our hearts, and on behalf of the people of Myanmar, we greatly thank you!




1. Ananda Data

2. Synergy : Social Harmony Organisation

3. Thukhamein Institute (သခA မိနအ် ငစ် တကီ ျNO)

4. မRေS လးလထW ေA နရာ (Mandalay Community Center)

5. ကေနာငအ် ငစ် တကီ ျN (Kanaung Institute)

6. The Seagull: Human Rights, Peace & Development

7. Natural Green Alliance (သဘာဝစမိ ်း သဘာဝပါတဝ် နး်ကျငထ် နိ း် သမိ ်းေရး မိတဖ် က ် အငအ် ားစA)

8. Mandalay Regional Youth Association (MRYA)

9. P.D.C.E (Peace, Development & Civic Engagement)

10. ဒတိA ့ းAိ တကရ် ာ အစညး် အvAံး

11. Youth Champion Network

12. Meiktila Youth Network

13. စမိ ်းေရာငစ် Aိ Activities

14. Myanmar Deaf Society

15. Pluralistic Society

16. Natural Green Alliance သဘာဝစမိ ်း

17. Mann Thingaha (Gender GBV Team)

18. White Marker Group

19. Peace Development Committee (မိထတ် လီ ာ)

20. Unity Erch Bridge Organization

21. ၈၈€ငမိ ်းပငွ ့် - Meikhtila

22. ၈၈€ငမိ ်းပငွ ့် - Tharze

23. ၈၈€ငမိ ်းပငွ ့် - Thabaikkyin

24. Mandalay Affairs Team

25. ေရြ„ ခအံ ားမာနအ် ဖဲွO - Myingyan

26. Farmers Network – Wundwin

27. Second Tap Root (ဒAတိယေရေသာက်ြမစ်)

28. Spectrum Organization

29. Myingyan Political Prisoners Association

30. Future Star – Maddayar

31. Representatives of Youth Affairs Committee, Mandalay

32. Youth Network – Pyawbwe

33. Yi Ywal Yar Community Development

34. Our Home

35. Thazi Youth Network

36. Homeless people association (အိမ်ယာမဲ့ြပည်သမW ျား အစညး် အvAံး)

37. Kyaukse Youth Network

38. TRY Organization

39. Civic Engagement Network for M2

40. (ပငွ လ့် ငး် ြမငသ် ာလထW လA ပŠ ်‹ာŒ းမအŠ ဖဲွO) Citizen Action for Transparency

41. Myay Lat Generation Institute (ေြမလတ်မျိNးဆက်အင်စတီကျN)

42. Shan State Peace Task Force (သမ်းြပညန် ယ€် ငမိ ်းချမ်းေရးအလပA ်အဖဲOွ)

43. GOAL Organization

44. ေအာငသ် ာစညအ် ဖဲွO

45. သငြ့် မတလ် သAိ မW ျားအဖဲွO

46. Mandalay Regional Youth Network

47. ေကျာကပ် နး် ေတာငး် လငW ယက် နွ ယ် က ်

48. ဒေိA ့တာငသ် လW ယသ် မားအဖဲွO

49. Justice For All (လအW ့ ခငွ အ့် ေရး ကာကယွ ေ် စာငေ့် ‹ာŒ ကြ် ခငး် RငŒ ့်တရားမတမ OŠ လကလ် မŒ ်းမီေŒ ရးအဖဲွO

50. ၈၈€ငမိ ်းပငွ ့် စ‘်က့ းW

51. ေရမ„ ငး် သားေဖာငေ် ဒး‹ငŒ း်

52. ၈၈€ငမိ ်းပငွ ့် ြမစသ် ား


54. ေတာငသ် မနက် နွ ယ် က ်

55. ြမငြ့် မတဧ် ရာဝတ ီ လငW ယလ် မW OကŠ နွ ယ် က ်

56. Civic Engagement Development Network

57. Women & Youth’s Development Organization (WYDO)

58. မဇိ•– မေမတS ာ ေရလအ— သငး် (မိတ˜လီ ာ)

59. Green Justice Institute (GJI)

60. တမာရိပ်


62. Madaya Youth Network

63. Legal Knowledge Sharing Group

64. Mandalay Women Political Federation (MWPF) (မRေS လး အမျိNးသမီးRိAင်ငံေရး အင်အားစA)

65. Empower Youth Enlightenment (EYE)

66. Diversity and Public Truth

67. Idea Land

68. SMILE Myanmar