Manifesto for Life and Dialogue

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YMCA Colombia

The Young Men's Christian Association of Colombia, a movement of volunteer and global character, promoter of life, peace and solidarity, educator of individuals who live and feel citizenship, concerned about the future of our country; rejects all acts of abuse, mistreatment, and excess of force on the part of those who hold power and those who incite all acts of violence. We publicly express our support for the youth who have taken the streets to protest against injustice, by restating that:

Participation, as a constitutional principle, a fundamental right, a civic duty, and a fundamental aspect is the basis for the construction of citizenship, all of it committed to the development of an entire country.

Young people have been the promoters of great changes in the country through their artistic and cultural manifestations, which have changed the social dynamics of Colombia.

- The mobilizations that are currently being called by civil society in the midst of the pandemic are a reflection of generalized nonconformity, a product of social inequality.

- The social and economic crisis in which Colombia is going through has led citizens, mostly young people, to express their disagreement by taking action, and the duty of the state is to accompany said processes of social mobilization and guarantee its development.

- These protests are the response to their unfulfilled needs, youth unemployment, and lack of opportunities that have called for the development of peaceful manifests promoted in their territories.

- The acts of violence perpetrated by the different actors only lead to more violence, violence that for more than 50 years has traced a history of sadness and hatred in Colombian families.

For all the above as a Volunteer Youth movement the YMCA Colombia,

  1. Calls on the World YMCA movement, Youth organizations of the Region, and defenders of Human Rights, to join forces for the defense of LIFE, SAFETY, and the guarantee of the right to protest of the young people of Colombia.
  2. Asks the National and World YMCA Movement to document, socialize and report the facts that violate the Rights of Young People in Colombia.
  3. Demands the end of all violent acts that threaten the LIFE, health and dignity of people, especially the youth of Colombia.
  4. Appeals to strengthen local and national processes to unite in a single Voice, the voice of the defense of life, participation, and the guarantee in the expression of all rights.
  5. Demands to hear the voices of the most disadvantaged, especially young Colombians who are on the streets making themselves heard in the midst of the silence of the state in the face of social issues.
  6. Calls on to continue to promote the defense of life and all Fundamental rights, for it guarantees to give a LIVING, MOVING AND SOLIDARITY VOICE to young people capable of Transforming realities.