ICF Program Committee held its Third Meeting on May 21st

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Last Updated (Friday, 28 May 2021 13:24)

On May 21st the ICF Committee members met virtually for the third time this year. In attendance were the following members and alternates: Biplob Rangsa from Bangladesh, Cicilia Jambuani from Indonesia, and Mohammad Ayatullah Rahaman from Nepal. Dunhill Angelo Maraya and Dory Dotusme attended as alternate members from the Philippines. Also, present were the ICF Staff as well as APAY’s Executive Secretary Sunita Suna.


The ICF Coordinator, Muriel Orevillo-Montenegro, presided over the meeting, and began by introducing some basic elements of conducting a meeting. It included how to outline the agenda, the commonly used motions to make a formal committee action, and exercises on how to make a motion as the meeting went along. She introduced the idea that the ICF Program Committee meeting shall allocate a small slot of time for a teaching-learning process.

The main points for the 2-hour meeting were the confirmation of alternates for official members, the replacement of constantly absent members, finalizing the 2021 agenda, the planned alumni tracer study, engagement in ICF programs by Committee Members as well as identifying a theme for the next book project.

Biplob Rangsa from Bangladesh and Mohammad from Nepal were able to confirm two alternates each. Mr. Nichodimus Kentus D’costa and Mr. Rinku Mankhin for Bangladesh; and nominated for Nepal were Mr. Rajan Bhandari and Ms. Sumitra Sunuwar. The ICF Staff will look into potential alternates from Indonesia.

Another important point of discussion was replacing absentee members, who had initially confirmed their participation but neither attended any meetings so far nor gave timely notice why they were unable to attend. After a short discussion with the members of the Committee, the ICF Staff will look into possible replacements and announce them in due time.

The Committee looked at the finalized Agenda for 2021 that had some minor changes made previously. There are quite a few planned virtual Thematic Workshops (see below) and we at ICF are excited to engage with these important topics throughout the rest of the year.

ICP plans to circulate the Alumni Tracer Study questionnaire later this year. Annika Denkmann introduced the objectives of the Tracer Study to the committee members. She also informed the members how they can contribute to finalizing the planned questionnaire. Furthermore, she asked the Committee members to think of ways they can assist in the promotion of the study, so that ICF could reach as many ICF Alumni as possible.

The Committee Members further identified areas where they could be more active in supporting the ICF activities. The members identified the following areas and responsibilities:

  • Make sure they can allocate enough time to fulfill the tasks of being a Committee
  • Member;
  • All Committee Members must participate in at least one thematic workshop fully;
  • Each member will assist in facilitating at least 1 virtual activity conducted by ICF; and,
  • They will participate and assist in facilitating activities conducted by ICF in their respective countries, especially during the post-pandemic period.

For the upcoming book project, the Committee members identified the theme of telling stories of peace work. In contrast to the recently published book that described the alumni’s journey to become peacebuilders, this new book shall focus in detail on their current work and engagement as peacebuilders. What are they engaging in? What stories of victories can they tell? What challenges have they faced? ICF will announce details on the book project once the theme, concept, and title are fully shaped and finalized.

Due to the accumulation of virtual meetings in these pandemic times, ICF decided to provide the active Committee Members with an internet subsidy as well as a small extra financial incentive to show appreciation for their hard work and commitment. We are very happy to have the Committee by our side to discuss ideas and shape the ICF activities together. Thank you all for your commitment.


Virtual Thematic Workshops 2021

July ICF 4th Thematic Workshop: Online Training for the Youth on Writing Project Proposals


July 5 – 9, 2021

ICF 5th Thematic Workshop:

The Internally Displaced Peoples (IDP) and Refugees in Asia in the Context of the COVID pandemic and the impending Civil War in Myanmar
Virtual July 26-30, 2021

ICF 6th Thematic Workshop:

Uncovering the Plight of Indigenous People’s Rights and Access to Health Care during the COVID pandemic


August 23-27, 2021

ICF 7th Thematic Workshop:

The Impacts of the Coronavirus on the Rights and Situation of Local, Migrant, and Self-employed Workers in Asia


September 13-17, 2021

ICF 8th Thematic workshop:

“No One is Left Behind:” Children Rights and Welfare, and the Pandemic
Virtual October 25-29, 2021

ICF 9th Thematic workshop:

- 16 Day of Activism against Gender-Based Violence

*Nov. 25 – Grounding Women’s Rights on the Feminine

Images of God in Religions’ Sacred Texts and

Indigenous Spiritualities
Virtual November 25, 2021

Continuation – ICF 9th Thematic workshop: 6 Day of Activism against Gender-Based Violence

*Dec. 2 -  Ecofeminism as Activism in defense of

Mother Earth

*Dec. 9 - Remembering the Trailblazers for Women’s

Rights and Passing on the Torch to the Women of

Virtual December 2 and 9,  2021



Annika Denkmann
BftW Seconded Personnel