Sir George Williams Library & Computer Training Centre

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Last Updated (Monday, 23 August 2021 18:03)

Sir George Williams Library & Computer Training Centre

A New project of Kaligram YMCA, Muksudpur, Gopalgonj, Bangladesh

The strength of any community is quality education for the younger generation with knowledge and determination. With this goal and the values of our great founder of YMCA, Sir George Williams, Kaligram YMCA established a Library and Training Centre called “Sir George Williams Library and Computer Training Centre”. This Centre will bridge the gap between underprivileged young people in the community for a brighter future with knowledge and skills.

Mr. Amos Boidya, Chairman of Kaligram YMCA is delivering Speech
Inauguration of Library by Ms. Biva Rani Mondol-head of local govt.

This initiative is the combined effort of the Kaligram YMCA board and the local unemployed student community. The opening ceremony of the Library and training centre was held on 22nd July 2021 at the Kaligram YMCA building, and the operation of the centre was from 24th July 2021. The Library and Training Centre is primarily dedicated to our founder Sir George Williams as a reminder of empowering young people for a better future. During the opening ceremony, UP Chairman (head of local government), UP members, Board members of Kaligram YMCA, Senior members of Kaligram YMCA, Local eminent people, Women and Children were present. In total, 68 people attended the ceremony, and due to COVID-19, the program time was short, following the restriction of Covid 19 guidelines.

Sir George Williams and Computer Training Centre is an entirely self-funded project by Kaligram YMCA. The computer trainer for the centre is Mr. John Jyotish Baroi, GS-KYMCA. 14 students have started their training, of which Male 3 and Female 11 (Kaligram YMCA 7 and Non-Kaligram YMCA 7). Since there are financial constraints, Kaligram YMCA is expecting donations for computers and books.


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Jeffrey Ratul Sangma
Program Secretary
Date: August 19, 2021