“Capacity Building through Social Support and Training for Volunteers and Community”

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In current situations in Myanmar, young people are facing challenges and losing hopes and aspirations for the future. At the same time, COVID 19 pandemic also affects their opportunities to attend schools and makes a failure to their educational impact. Also, lack of chance to deliver positive benefits of youth engagement in society and education and political development.

Therefore, Myitkyina YMCA of Myanmar wants to support positive progress, build a successful future, help address the formal opportunity, psychosocial support to the young generation, and best make sure we invest in the most effective programmes. Myitkyina YMCA supports the “Capacity Building through Social Support and Training for Volunteers and Community” programme. Which is conducted virtually through zoom. 60 young people between the ages of 14 to 18 joined the virtual learning programme. And they are young volunteers, political prisoners' family members and the community. Also, this programme is financially supported by Myanmar YMCA and Canada YMCA. Moreover, we are also working with Taiwan YMCA and Asia Pacific Alliance of YMCA.

First, Myitkyina YMCA announced the programmes on social media Facebook page to get information from YMCA volunteers and other young people from the community and make contact with formal volunteers from the YMCA. They want to improve their education and knowledge development. There are 2 sections with 30 students each. And the sections are divided into the morning section and afternoon section. The course duration will last for 2 months, and the course focuses on self-study, and the instructors are instructed virtually. The instructors and students meet 3 days a week (Tuesday, Friday, and Sunday). The course aims to have self-study habits, improve knowledge, upgrade their capacity, know more about using technical usefulness in their learning, motivate and active back, and support psychosocial counselling for their mentally depressed due to the pandemic and military coup situations.

In the course, young people will learn and make research the topics such as English Skills development, Environmental, Gender Equality, Equality, Peace, Community Services and other general knowledge development activities to keep in the flow of the world’s trending to be updated and wider the knowledge that needs to be known for everyday life and every situation those are happening around the world currently. Also, Aim to open the eyes to see what things are happening and how things are doing for the young generation just like them for their future and community. However, whatever we do, there will always be advantages and difficulties like technical problems and poor knowledge of how to use and access the technology and internet access even though students are trying their best and working hard on their studies even though facing difficulties. So it will be an excellent opportunity for the young generation to develop their ways of life.

No matter where you are or who you are, if you try your best, opportunities and great chances will come to you, and you will succeed in one day. Just believe in yourself and keep going on, and that’s what you need to do.


By Sengmoonpan Maji, Myitkyina YMCA of Myanmar