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We are a diverse group of fourteen (14) participants hailing from eight (8) countries, and eleven (11) different YMCA’s across Asia joined the first-ever Advanced Studies Programme(ASP) held virtually via zoom. Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, international travel became extremely challenging, and restrictions, quarantine policies, and protocols were obstacles to organizing the ASP in person. The world has been ravaged by this pandemic which has caused the death of more than 500 million people worldwide, devastated economies and affected the livelihood of billions.

The theme for the programme this year is Leadership and Mission in the context of the Covid-19 pandemic, which is very relevant to the issues all nations are currently facing.

During these challenging times, we are ever more grateful to the contributing Facilitators, resource personnel from across Asia and most of all, the leadership team at APAY for taking up the challenge to conduct this important programme virtually. The participants also acknowledge with immense gratitude the tremendous organisation and coordination effort made by the organising committee at APAY to ensure the programme's success.

Our Collective Learnings and Reflections

The 38th ASP was a learning space for practising creative liturgies while celebrating and respecting the diversity of the religions around the world in the context of diverse realities of society. Our sensitivity to the world's pain was sharpened through the inputs on various issues such as Climate Justice, Gender Justice and Economy of Life and we were all challenged on how we, the YMCA, respond to these realities through our mission.

The 38th Batch of ASP is a product of our resiliency over the challenges of this current pandemic. As ASP graduates, this achievement was extraordinarily done during uncertain and challenging times. May our learnings at ASP reap shining and good examples of leadership in the communities we serve, solidify our commitment to YMCA, and strengthen our conviction and zeal for its worthy cause. Indeed, our communities were our constant inspirations during the 19 days of class work at ASP. Without the people whom we serve, all our patience and diligence in studying and striving to formulate and finalize our re-entry plans will be for nothing. Our perspective of the YMCA was totally changed when we heard of the life’s journeys of our classmates/colleagues from the YMCAs in the Asia Pacific Region. We are from different countries, and our realities differ from one another. Each of us had a different story to tell, and our understanding of the YMCA movement and different approaches towards our missions have been fully enriched.

Our Affirmation

We reconfirm and reaffirm our foundation of YMCA as a pioneer of the ecumenical movement in the world. Challenge 21 inspired by the Paris Basis of 1855 and Jesus Christ as God magnified in his first publicly read Scripture passage: “The spirit of the Lord is upon me because he has anointed me to bring good news to the poor. He has sent me to proclaim release to the captives and recovery of sight to the blind, to let the oppressed go free, to proclaim the year of the Lord’s favour”. (Luke 4:18-19, NRSV).

This learning at the 38th ASP strikes us most that human beings are mere stewards of God's creation. And that at some point, they no longer exemplify love, solidarity, justice and peace, and veered from the guidance of the Divine One (Eternal God Almighty) who loves all Creation. It resulted in what we are already encountering in the world today, like rapid climate change, inequitable and unjust societies, gender disparity, unequal treatment, unsustainable life. As YMCA professionals, we will work for a sustainable, equitable and just society for this generation and future generations. Our ASP learnings have imbued us with practical wisdom and a deep understanding of the YMCA Mission context and face its current challenges by enabling us to conceptualize, formulate and implement inclusive, vibrant and impactful programs for our communities.


As YMCA leaders, we take stock of the emerging realities in the wake of the Covid 19 situation wherein the economies have been badly affected. We vow to create new solutions to the crisis and ensure a healthy body, mind, and spirit for people in deep depression and agony of losing their resources and loved ones due to our world's exploitative and unjust systems.

We, the participants of the 38th ASP, express solidarity with marginalised and suffering people and call upon all the governments in the Asia Pacific region to ensure respect of human rights and the right to all freedoms as guaranteed under the UN. We strive for renewal of hope and prosperity for everyone to experience life in abundance so that we proudly pronounce :

“That They All May Be One” (John 17:21)



Chun Pang Wan Chinese YMCA of Hong Kong
Emanuel Sarfraz YMCA of Lahore, Pakistan
Hsis Mei Hsieh Taichung YMCA of Taiwan
Kenneth Yong YMCA of Hong Kong
Khankhan Chanchuan YMCA- Thailand
Munkhtsog Davaadorj YMCA of Mongolia
Nariko Fukuda Yamanashi YMCA- Japan
Natsuki Aoyama Ibaraki YMCA- Japan
Pen Jen Liao Taichung YMCA of Taiwan
Rolito Bacalangco YMCA of LosBanos-Philippines
Rosemary Yan Taipei YMCA of Taiwan
Vincent Foo Ming Soon YMCA of Kuala Lumpur-Malaysia
Wai Yee Sham Chinese YMCA of Hong Kong
Yu Shan Taipei YMCA of Taiwan
Nam Boo Won General Secretary, APAY
Sunita Suna Executive Secretary for Programs, APAY
Monalisa Lopes 38th ASP assistant