Beauty from Brokenness

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Last Updated (Friday, 03 December 2021 21:35)

The whole world is passing through troubled times caused by COVID-19, and the vaccine against the COVID-19 virus has brought a ray of hope to our life.

The theme of World YWCA and World YMCA week of prayer and fellowship for this year, “Beauty from Brokenness” is indeed appropriate in the current situation. This is the time to ponder upon this theme and search for beauty in this brokenness. According to the scripture we cannot develop divine beauty unless we break down and come out from our personal ego.

Ranchi YMCA is going through troubled times may be the worst situation in the history of YMCA Ranchi. We are facing financial crisis as well as unable to operate in full-fledged due to the government Covid-19 guidelines. Amid the challenges the theme of the World Week of Prayer has given us meaning to our struggle. This is the time to ponder where we can improve and where we were lacking. This brokenness can be converted into opportunity by our collective efforts and submission to Almighty.

Due to restrictions YMCA Ranchi could not observe the World YWCA and World YMCA week of prayer and fellowship with the whole community, but this year on 10th & 13th of November’21with the members of YWCA and YMCA had the prayer meeeting. The speaker on 10th November’21 was Dr. Sheet Nihal Topno a educationist from one of the prestigious college in Ranchi. He deliberated on the theme in a very simple language but in an effective way. He gave examples of David and Paul in his message. He mentioned about their brokenness and they came out from the personal ego and how Almighty Lord used them for His Glory. On 13th November’21 the speaker was Mrs. Ranjeeta Alice Dungdung, Assistant Teacher, Bethsaida High School, Ranchi. She collectively reflected on all the sub themes chosen for day one to six. Further briefly related the sub themes to the main theme “Beauty from Brokenness”. The members of YWCA and YMCA were present during this occasion. We hope that this theme is not only for a week but for our lifetime. Throughout our life we need to ponder on the beautiful theme and follow.

At the end I urge all the YWCAs & YMCAs to pray for YMCA Ranchi in this time of crisis.

Chonhas Kujur
General Secretary
YMCA Ranchi (India)