The Assembly Planning Committee Geared Up for the 21st General Assembly in India

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Last Updated (Thursday, 01 September 2022 11:27)

The Assembly Planning Committee (APC) of the 21st GA of APAY held its 1st meeting on August 25, 2022, through Zoom. The APC is responsible for the overall processes of the 21st GA, such as planning, review, recommendations and implementation. The following members are the APC members, and Mr. Babu Gomes is the chairperson to lead the APC.

Mr. Babu Gomes, Bangladesh
Chairperson of the Planning Committee
Ms. Stephanie Chang, Hong Kong
Chair, YPLD
Dr. Hahn Meerha
Chair, Gender Equity Committee
Ms. Chang, Yu Hsuan, Taiwan
Youth, Social worker
Ms. Nguyen My Hanh, Vietnam
Executive director, Vietnam Y
Mr. Peter Malone
Former vice president of APAY
Mr. Bertram Devadas, India
NGS, Host National Council fo YMCA, India
Mr. Asir Pandian, India
GS, Host Madras YMCA, Chennai
Mr. Vincent George
President, Host YMCA Madras
Justice JB Koshy(Retd)
President, NCY  of India
Prof. Chen Chin Seng, Taiwan
President, APAY
Ms. Nagako Okado, Japan
Board member, APAY
Mr. Nam Boo Won,
General Secretary, APAY
Ms. Sunita Suna,
Executive Secretary, APAY & Related Secretary of 21st GA
Ms. Cristina Miranda
Executive Secretary, APAY

The 21st General Assembly of the APAY is hosted by the National Council of YMCAs of India with the host YMCA Madras. The APC discussed details on venue, processes of 21st GA, theme, committees, budget etc. The 21st GA will have 3 major events: General Assembly, 5th Youth Assembly and the 1st Gender Equity Forum. Highlights of the discussions at the APC meeting are mentioned below:

After the welcome, introduction and opening remarks by the Chair and GS Nam Boo Won, Sunita Suna presented the introductory paper of the 21st GA. Some of the discussions and decisions made are as follows:

Dates and Venue

21st General Assembly

September 15-20, 2023, at Crowne Plaza, Chennai

(15th arrival and 20th departure)

5th Youth Assembly

September 13-15, 2023, at YMCA International Youth Centre, Chennai

1st Gender Equity Forum

September 13-15, 2023, at YWCA International Guest House, Chennai

Expected delegates: Around four hundred delegates, including Youth Assembly 100 members, and Gender equity forum 50 members.

5th Youth Assembly and the 1st Gender Equity Forum (GEF) will be held before the GA on September 13-15 ( 13th arrival). Though there were workshops on gender justice in the previous GA, this is the 1st time the gender equity forum will take place in a parallel event with the youth assembly. The respective committees and staff will plan and design the process for these events.

The APC members also agreed to discuss the recently adopted Vision 2030 by the YMCA world council. The 21st GA can be a platform to discourse with the national movements to develop specific strategies to integrate vision 2030 in the Asia Pacific context.

There will be an online ECM of APAY on April 4, 2023, to discuss all reports in order to give enough time to focus on the GA and council meeting agenda during the 21st GA.

The GS of the host YMCA Madras, Asir Pandian, presented the proposal to host the 21st GA. They are very much looking forward to hosting the delegates of the 21st GA in India. Chair and members thanked the NCY of India for hosting the 21st GA. The APC members will visit Chennai, India, during January 6-9, 2023

The APC will meet online next on October 18, 2022