Philippine YMCA Trains New YMCA Staffs thru Virtual CDP – Basic Secretaries Training Course

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Last Updated (Tuesday, 01 November 2022 14:49)

YMCA of the Philippines conducted its Career Development Program (CDP) – Basic Secretaries Training Course after suspending it for two years because of the covid-19 pandemic. After the re-definition of the YMCA Mission in response to changing social realities over the years, mindful of the changes and challenges to leadership development and the practice of leadership in strengthening the movement, the Career Development Program primarily focused on the formation of YMCA professional leaders for the strengthening and growth of the various movements in the country including Mission Clarity, Social Relevance and Institutional Viability.

The program brought together five young full-time staff and volunteer from three local YMCAs working in different roles and capacities. They are:

  1. Ferdinand R. Castillo, YMCA of RINALI
  2. Anshereen Gail L. Inocencio, YMCA of Manila
  3. Ma. Isabel R. Parada, YMCA of Manila
  4. Belenda A. Versoza, YMCA of Manila and;
  5. Jayson A. Noga, YMCA of Albay

The 15- day intensive training provided various platforms for the participants to discover the roles and responsibilities of YMCA professionals especially in the re- affirmation of the YMCA as a people’s movement committed to working for justice and peace, according to the life and teachings of Jesus Christ.

This year’s training for YMCA staff were significant and considered as first in the YMCA-CDP history as it was fully accomplished virtually which the participant joined online for two and a half hours from October 2 to October 16, 2022. The course module was innovated to a shortened version of the original face to face training module to fit to the limitations of the virtual training and its implementation remained to be mindful of the changes and challenges of leadership development and leadership practice on strengthening the relevance of the movement.

The participants expanded their knowledge in exploring the various areas of the seven modules presented by the invited resource persons through interactive information inputs, presentations, workgroups, activities and discussions, such as Contemporary Christian Theology that were presented by Dr. Oscar P. Ferrer (Professor, University of the Philippines-Diliman); Understanding Ecumenism and Ecumenical Movements by Rev. Robert B. Sison, (whose also a CDP alumni and now the General Secretary of Baguio YMCA); Understanding YMCA by Mr. Pablito A. Tabucol, (National General Secretary of the YMCA of the Philippines and also the Program Director of this year CDP); Understanding Constituencies and Structures by Mr. Orlando F. Carreon (CDP alumni and current Director General of YMCA of Manila); Contextual Realities and Responses: Seeking Alternatives by Dr. Leocito Gabo(Professor, University of the Philippines-Diliman and also the CDP Consultant); Regional and Global Perspective on YMCA Mission by Ms. Sunita Suna (Program Executive from APAY); and Program Development and Management by Ms. Ianne Christine Aquino (also CDP Alumni and the Current General Secretary of YMCA Albay).

↑ Screenshots from the CDP Training

As an output of the training, the participants were engaged in planning and writing their respective contextual response plans that reflected their understanding of the over-all thrust and mission of the Movement. The individual contextual response plan which tackled on concerns of movement strengthening, climate crisis, mental health, education and sports development were successfully presented and defended.

↑ Participants presenting their Contextual Response Plan to the Panelists

The training ended in a fitting closing worship and graduation ceremony where their certificates of completion were presented. The Program Chair & National Corporate Secretary, Dr. Edilberto R. Abalos, gave his inspirational message in behalf of the National President.

↑ Screenshots of Closing Ceremony of CDP 2022

Jayson and Anshereen shared their insights of the experience they got from the 2022 Career Development Program.

“I was able to gain new knowledge and skills from the diverse and experienced YMCA leaders, our resource speakers, and my fellow trainees….

…Learning more about our YMCA's vibrant history, mission, vision, founding philosophy, and many other aspects, indeed ignited my desire to serve in the YMCA as a steward of the Lord for the betterment of the world. “– Jayson Noga, Albay YMCA

 “It has been a very good learning experience for me, the 2 weeks training makes me aware of the areas to focus on, and provides me the tools and ways to work on. And I believe it will even improve my performance in all aspects, I am so thankful for all the learnings imparted to me through this training.” – Anshereen Gail Inocencio, Manila YMCA

By Francis, Program Assistant and IT Staff