The Asia Pacific YMCAs celebrated their 180th anniversary and observed World Environment Day with purpose.

YMCAs in Asia Pacific celebrated the 180th anniversary with diverse activities. Please click on the YMCAs to know more. Chittagong YMCA | Kaligram YMCAJashore YMCA | YMCA India | YMCA of the Philippines | Colombo YMCA | Chinese YMCA of Hong Kong | YMCA of Hong Kong | YMCA Pakistan | Video | Cuttack YMCA | Read more 

VISION 2030 AND QPP 2024-2027

Click here to download “The Quadrennial Program Plan (QPP) 2024-2027 of the Asia Pacific YMCA


Climate Defenders Workshop for pre-service teachers from Korea and Japan

Forty pre-service teachers from Korea and Japan and embassy staff gathered at the APAY Jeju Conference Hall to strengthen people-to-people ties and support teacher development for SDGs, underscoring the importance of combating climate change.  Read more 


YMCA Cuttack Organized Various Programs and Activities

YMCA of Cuttack organized a meaningful Art & Craft Summer Camp- 2024 for students in association with Hemant’s Art and Creativity and observation of the 180th world YMCA Foundation Day.  Read more 


YMCA Korea and APAY participated in the 1st Korea Peace Day, organized by Border Peace School in Cheorwon, near the DMZ.

About 800 ecumenical and civil society participants attended the 1st Korea Peace Day in Cheorwon near the DMZ.   Read more 

ICF National Forum hosts a five-day thematic workshop in Bangladesh

“Analyzing the Role of Human Activity Leading to Climate Change and Unpeace”, in Dhaka, Bangladesh, brought 19 young people from different religious, cultural, and social backgrounds to attend this workshop.  Read more 


Collaboration between YMCA of Timor Leste and the Prime Minister's Office for a Civil Society Support Grant

The aim of the memorandum of understanding (MoU) that was signed on 5th June 2024 between the YMCA of Timor-Leste and the prime minister's office is to improve the education system and ensure economic sustainability, social and political.  Read more 



Rev. Toshimasa Yamamoto has been appointed as the president of the YMCA of Japa. Read more 

Thank You!

Ms. Nagako Okado, APAY extend our sincere gratitude for your exceptional commitment and leadership on the Asia Pacific board and in the Gender Equity Committee. We wish you continued success as you conclude your term with the International Relations Committee at the Yotsuya headquarters of NCY'S of Japan.

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“Break it, Kids”

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An unexpected fire broke out at the YMCA International Centre in Sri Lanka; buildings are partially damaged!

A fire broke out in the early morning on the 23rd of July at the YMCA International Centre in Kurana, Katunayake. Many from the global YMCA community and APAY reached out to the YMCA Sri Lanka with solidarity and support. NCY of Sri Lanka is eternally grateful to all in the greater YMCA family for their camaraderie and concern during this time.