Assistant for Alternative Tourism & Youth Empowerment

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Last Updated (Wednesday, 09 May 2012 11:39)

Greetings from APAY.


We are seeking applications from potential candidates from our region for the position of an Assistant for Alternative Tourism and Youth Work, for our secretariat in Hong Kong.


We request you to recommend eligible candidates for this position, details of the position are enclosed herewith. As we need to appoint the person within a short time, in case you have any potential candidate, please contact us immediately, this will expedite the processing of the recruitment.


Yours sincerely,


Kohei Yamada
General Secretary
Asia and Pacific Alliance of YMCAs





The Asia & Pacific Alliance of YMCAs is in the pursuit of establishing Global Alternative Tourism Network as an effort to promote Alternative Tourism effectively in the YMCA World and beyond. GATN is one of the main components of present APAY Strategic Plan. APAY is seeking to appoint an Assistant for Alternative Tourism, for its Secretariat in Hong Kong. The candidate should have a better understanding about Alternative Tourism and committed towards it and willing to work for it’s promotion in the YMCAs of this region. S/he will work under the supervision of the APAY Executive Secretary. The young professional will be expected to a continue leadership role in his/her local/national YMCA in terms of promoting Alternative Tourism and Youth Empowerment after successful completion of tenure at the APAY.



To provide an opportunity for selected staff to be actively involved in the Area Alliance Secretariat’s work and mission-oriented programme responses and to motivate them for further engagement in the YMCA work with a better understanding of the YMCA at various levels.

Specific Objectives:

  • To plan, lead, organize and coordinate International (beyond the Asia and Pacific Area) work and programmes especially in the work of Global Alternative Tourism Network (GATN).
  • To support the Area Alliance in making various video presentation of activities.
  • To support the Area Alliance in implementation of communication strategies.
  • To support the Area Alliance in maintaining Web site and communication (marketing) for potential GATN users.
  • To promote Alternative Tourism concepts and participation.
  • To assist the Executive Secretaries in the area of youth empowerment.

Duration : Primarily for six months, preferably starting from the July 2012, with possibility for extension further .


Criteria for Selection:

  • Have understanding about Alternative Tourism and committed towards it.
  • Computer-literate, possess web site maintenance skills and IT skills
  • Has good working knowledge of English, both spoken and written.
  • Has a minimum of two years active involvement with the YMCA or related organizations
  • Committed to continuing leadership involvement in the YMCA
  • Between 25- 35 years of age.
  • Endorsement by the Local Home Movement and National YMCA Movement
  • Willing to engage in youth work and other international programmes
  • Open and flexible towards cultural diversity
  • It is desirable if the position in local or national YMCA is assured for the candidate after his/her tenure at the APAY.


Allowance & benefit:

  • US$ 1000/month
  • One Round trip travel to the place of former residence in the home country
  • A small apartment provided for free
  • Health Insurance and International Travel Insurance for the period of stay in Hong Kong.


Selection and Work Processes:

  1. Interested person should secure recommendation from the Home Local YMCA, after which the application should be submitted to the National Movement for endorsement.
  2. Upon confirmation of selection for the programme, the Terms of Reference / Responsibilities for the Young Professional will be jointly established by the selected participant, the National Movement and the APAY.
  3. Orientation will be provided to the successful candidate by the APAY.
  4. Progress of work will be regularly monitored, and evaluated at the end of the programme duration.
  5. The Assistant will report his/her learning experiences and insights to the Local /National Movement and the APAY.



Applications are invited from potential candidates to participate in this programme by providing:

  • Curriculum vitae (Name, Age, Nationality, Academic background, Computer Skills, Web Hosting Skills, Ability in English language, Marital status of the candidate with covering letter.
  • Letters of recommendation and endorsement by the Home Local YMCA & National Council.
  • A recent passport-sized photograph.
  • A 1-page paper giving the candidate’s experience in the YMCA.
  • A 1-page paper on his/her understanding about Alternative Tourism & how she/he would like to contribute in this field as a APAY professional.
  • Applications should be addressed to: The General Secretary, Asia & Pacific Alliance of YMCAs, No. 23 Waterloo Road, Kowloon, Hong Kong by registered post.


Expected Date of Appointment: July 2012 ( can be flexible)


Closing date to Receive Applications: May 31, 2012