East Asia Workshop on Gender Justice and Social Transformation

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Hong Kong: 7 -11 June 2017




Manifestations of gender injustices were identified by various constituents of the movement. The individual stories of injustices presented in different regional, national and local platforms form part and parcel of the lived experiences on discrimination and subordination of women and girls. These manifestations of gender injustices are evidently a violation of the fundamental human rights. After all, the call for gender justice is the call for basic right. It counters, as expressed in the UN Declaration of Human Rights, the global recognition of the inherent dignity and of the equal and inalienable rights of all members of the human family as the foundation of freedom, justice and peace in the world. More importantly, these gender-biased traditions and practices undermine the core of our Christian ideal of equality and justice for all of God’s creation.


As expressed in Challenge 21, each YMCA member is called to build a human community of justice with love, peace and reconciliation for the fullness of life for all creation. We are called to specifically empower all, especially young people and women to take increased responsibilities and assume leadership at all levels and working towards an equitable society; and to advocate for and promote the rights of women and upholding the rights of children.


Following therefore the mandate of Challenge 21, this quadrennial envisions working together, as a movement, towards developing communities in which no one particularly women and other sexual minorities are excluded, marginalized or discriminated against because of their gender. As part of a wider social movement working for social transformation, the regional movement has the responsibility to promote the protection of a person’s rights.


With the end in view of realizing the vision for gender justice, the regional office will conduct series of sub-regional workshops that aims to empower women and men to work towards achieving gender justice and developing equitable society.



Sub-regional approach

The Sub-regional workshops on gender justice and social transformation approach is designed to address the diversified culture and practices within the region that influence the understanding of gender injustices. It has been expressed that this approach also aims to provide opportunity for a wider reach of participants and learning experiences. Most importantly, it is an attempt to facilitate a contextualized understanding of the positions and conditions of women and men in the local, national and regional levels; and to recognize responses and solidarity actions from movements that share the same beliefs, values, and practices.



The workshop aims at strengthening participants to:

  • examine the conditions and positions of women and men in the local, national, regional, and global setting
  • understand of concepts of gender, diversity and social transformation in the East Asian context
  • provide safe spaces to dialogue on current debates and issues faced by women and other sexual minorities
  • develop appreciation of and respect for people-centered organization’s engagement on actions that help promote people’s rights and well-being
  • develop skills in facilitating transformative learning, planning and actions in advocating for gender issues and women’s rights and empowerment.


Date and Venue

Dates: 7-11 June 2017 (inclusive of arrival and departure dates)

Venue: The YMCA of Hong Kong, 41 Salisbury Road, Tsim Sha Tsui, Kowloon, Hong Kong


Local Host

The workshop will be locally hosted by YMCA of Hong Kong.


Target Participants

The participants shall include lay leaders and staff, both women and men, who are engaged in gender related programs in their local and/or national movements. Moreover, the following YMCA Staff/Youth Lay Leader is expected to have:

  • awareness of the globalized world and recognizes diversities
  • critical thinking of the prevailing social realities and injustices faced women and other sexual minorities
  • strong interest in actively engaging in activities and advocacies that address gender injustices
  • openness to explore, suggest and implement alternative approaches that will uplift the lives of women and girls in the society
  • willingness to work and/or volunteer in gender action oriented programs in the YMCAs


Participation Fees:

Each Participant shall pay a Registration Fee of US$65 (including Green Fee) and a Participation Fee of US$120 which will cover meals on 8-10 June 2017, local transportation, exposure and other program expenses. The participant shall also pay for his/her airfare/travel cost. The APAY shall however provide a limited travel and participation fee subsidies (partial or full) for participants coming from YMCAs with financial constraints. Requests for subsidies should reach the office on or before 30 April 2017.




Accommodation shall be paid directly by the participants to The Salisbury YMCA Hotel. The following rates are inclusive of breakfast and shall apply to participants only:


Single Occupancy HK$ 850 per day

Double Occupancy HK$ 1000 per day



Some countries are required to obtain tourist visa to enter Hong Kong. In such cases, participants are advised to obtain tourist visa to travel to Hong Kong. Participants who would need letter of invitation for the processing of their visa shall inform the APAY in order to send such letter.



Flight Schedule

All participants are requested to book their flights to arrive in afternoon or noon time of 7 June and to depart in the afternoon of 11June at Hong Kong International Airport, Hong Kong.




Interested participants are requested to send their registration form duly filled up and endorsed by the National General Secretary on or before 30th April 2017 at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it



For matters related to participation, contact:


Maria Cristina Miranda-LASTIMA
Executive Secretary for Programs
Asia and Pacific Alliance of YMCAs
6/F Administration Building
Kowloon, Hong Kong.
Email: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it
TEL: (852)-2780 8347, 2770 3168


Gender Justice and Social Transformation Workshop
7-11 June 2017, Hong Kong



7 June


8 June


9 June


10 June


11 June

0800 hours Arrival B R E A K F A S T
0830 hours D E V O T I O N Departure
0900 hours

Session 1:

Opening Ceremony

Keynote Address

Work Group Session

Session 6


Globalization, Patriarchy & Socio-Cultural Practices

Session 8


Gender Analysis &

Gender-responsive Planning & Administration

1045 hours B R E A K
1100 hours

Session 2

Program Orientation

Expectation Setting

APAY Gender Justice Thrust


Session 3

Mission in Context


Session 9

Safe Space

Dialogue on current debates on gender issues & movement’s mission

1300 hours L U N C H
1430 hours

Session 4

Gender & Self

Session 7

Exposure Reflection

Session 10


Way Forward

1600 hours Break Break
1615 hours

Session 5

Concepts on Sex & Gender Gender Roles and Relations

Session 11

Sharing, Evaluation and Synthesis

1830 hours
1900 hours

Welcome Dinner

Hosted by: Hong Kong YMCA