Basic Training for YMCA Secretaries held at YMCA Philippines

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Last Updated (Thursday, 12 October 2017 18:21)

Six delegates from five different countries in Asia; Philippines, Cambodia, Indonesia, Mongolia and Thailand, participated at the Basic Training for YMCA Secretaries held on September 1-21, 2017 at the YMCA of Makati, Metro Manila, Philippines. This is for the first time APAY has organized this training with collaboration of the YMCA of Philippines.


The participants were: Alice Encinas, Administrative Assistant of YMCA of Manila, Philippines; Ma. Magda Gana, Programs Secretary of YMCA Makati, Philippines; Evie Candra, Volunteer of YMCA Salatiga, Indonesia; Chantouch Nou, Administrative Assistant of National YMCA of Cambodia; Phongnarin Suwanma, Program Staff of YMCA of Chiangmai, Thailand; and Mungktsog Davaadorj, National General Secretary of YMCA of Mongolia.


The delegates were warmly welcomed by the President of Makati YMCA, Dr. Reynaldo Echavez in a lunch hosted by the National President of the YMCA Philippines, Dr. Ramona Morales on the first day. The next day was Program Orientation and Life Sharing Session facilitated by the National General Secretary (NGS) of the YMCA Philippines, Mr. Pablito Tabucol. The participants were given a chance to share their life stories with the group which encouraged a spirit of camaraderie and fellowship among them.


The following two days focused on understanding the Christian faith, with speakers: Atty. Eduardo Pilapil, who talked about the “Contemporary Theological Perspective” and “History of Christianity”; and Bishop Tex Gabo, who discussed on the “Study of Ecumenism” and “Understanding Worship and Liturgy”, the participants were able to recollect on the importance of the “C” in the YMCA and its cultivation in and outside the movement.


In the next two days, the speaker, Professor Elmer Ferrer, talked about “Contextual Realities and Responses”. The main theme of his lecture is being mindful of a perspective which includes understanding of situation, having a clear vision and knowing how to realize it. He also talked about the “Regional and Global Perspective on YMCA Mission” where he shared the realities and challenges of globalization and how the YMCA is responding to it and how an individual should respond to it starting with a simple lifestyle.


YMCA History, Philosophy and Purpose were given emphasis by speaker NGS Pablito Tabucol on the sixth and seventh day. He started with the story of George Williams and Henry Dunant leading to the formulation of the Paris Basis of which he highlighted four main points: “unity among peoples of all faith”; “extension of God’s kingdom (reign)”; “becoming disciples of Christ in their faith and life” and “amongst young people”. He also shared the notable contributions of the YMCA throughout the world history and the development of the YMCA triangle, Mission statement expressed in the Challenge 21 and the World Alliance of YMCA’s (WAY) Strategic Plan and Asia and Pacific Alliance of YMCA’s (APAY) Quadrennial Program Plan (2016-2019).


The next resource person was the General Secretary (GS) of YMCA Albay, Ms. Tintin Aquino who talked about Program Development and Management and Advocacy Work and Inter-movement Cooperation. She taught the participants how to create project proposals, program plan and evaluation and monitoring tools. She discussed on techniques on data gathering and community organizing. She also shared the different APAY Thrust Areas; Youth Empowerment, Disaster Response, Environment and Climate Change, Gender Mainstreaming, Global Alternative Tourism Network, Peace and Justice and Movement Strengthening.


The tenth to eleventh day of the CDP were full-packed with learnings on Resource Generation Management. Topics on this module include the “Principles of Administration and Management” which was discussed by the GS/Director General of YMCA Manila, Orlando Carreon who inspired the participants to always seek to work for the betterment of the Association. He emphasized the Staff and Lay Leader Partnership in the YMCA. He was then followed by their former GS/Director General of Manila YMCA, now the APAY Coordinator for Movement Strengthening, Thelma Juntereal, who talked about the “Principles and Techniques of Fund Raising and Resource Mobilisation”. She stressed the importance of resource management and mobilisation to assure sustainability of the movement.


On the following day, the External Auditor of YMCA Makati and Manila, Imelda Ramos talked about Budgeting Process, Basic Accounting and Auditing and Financial Management and Internal Control Systems which inculcated to the participants the observance of honesty, integrity and transparency in managing financial resources. The participants were also able to learn from speaker Merly Adaza of Cagayan De Oro YMCA tips on guidance counseling, conflict resolutions and peer support and helping relationships.


The remaining lectures on the fourteenth and fifteenth day were given by APAY Executive Secretary, Duncan Chowdury who talked on Governance Structures and Policies in the YMCA. He gave the participants perspective on the YMCA structure from the World Council, Regional Alliances to the National and Local movement; the Roles of Board, Elements of Constitution and By Laws and Board Meetings. He also reiterated the Paris Basis and its key components expressed in the Kampala Principles. He also shared the three pillars of the Movement Strengthening: Mission Clarity, Institutional Viability and Social Relevance.


For following two days the participants were sent to two different local YMCAs; Pangasinan and San Pablo, for community exposure and for them to see how they manage their YMCAs, their programs and finances and how the theories they have learned the past days can be applied. After coming back from the local YMCA exposure the participants drafted their respective project proposals and presented it to the panel before they all had an exit interview with the National President and the National General Secretary.


The program culminated with a closing worship where the participants received their certificates of completion and made their commitment to the YMCA on September 21, 2017 in Makati, Philippines.


~ Ma. Magda R. Gana, YMCA of Makati, Philippines