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Last Updated (Thursday, 12 October 2017 18:21)

One of the initial action seen as necessary in revitalizing and strengthening the YMCA of Indonesia is the development and enhancement of the national board leadership, being the highest authority in pursuing and achieving the mission, goals and objectives of the association. This was considered during their National assembly and annual General meeting conducted in April. In a way, it was hoped that making the national board stronger will redound to the growth of the local YMCAs too through their effective governance. Their leadership will impact and influence the local YMCAs to be energized and stimulated as well. Thus, on September 16, a One-day Board training workshop was held in Wisma PGI Teuku Umar in Jakarta participated in by the board and the staff. The workshop basically intended to : 1) increase and deepen the understanding and consciousness of the board about the YMCA, its mission, vision and its basis of work; its structure and relationship; 2) the roles of the board as a governing body vis a vis the staff; 3) introduction on the Movement Strengthening, its 3 pillars - mission clarity, social relevance and institutional viability; 4) review of the 3-year strategic planning.


The workshop, based on the topics discussed and the sharing of insights, were able to assist and facilitate the participant’s awareness, understanding and appreciation of the YMCA history, its vision and mission, particularly the Challenge 21, its contemporary mission encouraging them to respond to the challenges contained in the mission applicable to their context. It also made them aware of the structure of the global YMCA , from the world office, the region, the national, down to the local YMCA and the important role each body plays in pursuing the mission.


In the same manner, the important role of the board, as the policy making body and the staff as the policy implementer were looked into and distinguished. However, harmonious working relationship and partnership between the two was defined and emphasized to effectively achieve the YMCA goals. The participants also had the opportunity to do institutional diagnosis assessing their current situation and realities , re- evaluate their strategies and approaches on how to find ways and address their issues and concern. Finally, discussion and review of the Strategic plan presented during the General Assembly was done where the following were set as their focus to achieve their goal of rebuilding and strengthening anew the YMCA of Indonesia : 1) organizational strengthening; 2) program development; 3) strengthening local YMCAs; 4) financial sustainability; 5) documentation and publication. Over-all, YMCA of Indonesia aims to enhance their leadership capabilities; engage in more relevant and significant programs; empower the local YMCAs to be more effective in promoting their respective programs and services; be sustainable and self -reliant and create public awareness about the YMCA so as more people will be deeply involved in the YMCA work.


The workshop was attended and facilitated by Mr. Nam Boo Won, APAY General Secretary and MS Coordinator Thelma Juntereal.


May this undertaking usher the rebirth of the YMCA of Indonesia and make the leadership and the general membership more motivated , enthusiastic and high- spirited in working and attaining the YMCA goal.

~ Thelma P. Juntereal

Participants to the Board workshop together with the with the APAY staff. Mr. Nam Boo Won, APAY General Secretary discussing the YMCA history, mission and vision and its areas of work.