'No Youth Should Be left Behind': Risks in Economic Opportunities

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Last Updated (Tuesday, 08 September 2020 12:33)

“The webinar is very relevant during these hard times to get in touch with the youth and how we are feeling right now.”; “The topics and discussions gave me a new perspective.”; “Very informative and helpful to understand our current situation.”

--Participants’ feedback

↑  NYSBLB participants during plenary

The first online regional conversation among young people that discusses the socioeconomic impacts of COVID19 held last 26 August was attended by 60 participants from 12 national movements namely, Australia, Bangladesh, Japan, Hong Kong, India, Korea, Myanmar, Mongolia, Malaysia, Philippines, Singapore and Sri Lanka. This online talk dubbed as ‘No Youth Should Be Left Behind’, focused on the risks that young people are facing in terms of economic opportunities- loss of job, less opportunity to employment and loss of livelihoods.

This regional conversion is an attempt to know the socioeconomic impact of COVID19 to youth; to listen to the stories /experiences of youth from our region; to learn about the YMCA responses; and to explore other social interventions that our movements can adopt in its effort to protect and encourage youth during the pandemic and even in the recovery phase. By addressing these needs of youth and communities particularly in the most vulnerable situations, we are attempting to contribute to the social safety nets that reduce the vulnerability of young people through our immediate response and in a long term goal of building a more resilient and equitable society.

The regional conversation included youth testimonies from Seng Moon Pan Maji, APAY GATN, Intern and YMCA Myitkyina, Myanmar Volunteer; Thena Posysenthong, Interfaith Cooperation Forum (ICF) Alumni, and Law Ying Ting Isabella, Volunteer, YMCA of Hong Kong; Student Affairs Assistant I, University of Hong Kong. It also included input presentation on COVID19 response from Eleonor Lam, Deputy Chief Executive Officer / Deputy Secretary General, Red Cross Hong Kong; an overview of the youth situation in areas of economic opportunities from Rochelle Porras, Ecumenical Institute for Labour Education and Research (EILER); and a closing remarks from Karren Fetalvero, WAY Executive Member from APAY.

The online talk is led by the APAY Committee on Youth Participation and Leadership Development (YPLD) in its endeavour to address the region’s youth empowerment objectives of increasing knowledge and deepening understanding on social issues affecting students and youth; and nurturing a sense of responsibility towards their communities. This session was moderated by the APAY Committee on YPLD Members Stephanie Cheung and Daniel Zadkiel Cheong.

~ Maria Cristina L. Miranda, Executive Secretary