YMCA of Myanmar seeks support from international donors as they promote fundraising for the construction of a new building and Youth Hub in Lashio, Northern Shan State: Calling for international donors.

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Last Updated (Monday, 01 August 2022 13:04)

The National YMCA of Myanmar is now promoting a fundraising project to construct a new building and youth hub for Lashio YMCA. Lashio is a beautiful town in the Northern Shan State northeast of Myanmar. Northern Shan State is one of the most complex conflict environments with at least eight ethnic armed groups operating and/or claiming territory in the area with local populations bearing the brunt of the violence, suffering frequent displacement, gender-based violence, forced labor and recruitment, disruption of livelihoods, and human rights abuses.

Lashio YMCA was founded in 1994 in the centre of Lashio, and its operations first opened at Kachin Baptist Church Building for 20 years from 1994-2014. Since it is a small town with unanimous people, Lashio YMCA became the hub for the local youth and the centre of community development programmes.

Since its foundation, Lashio YMCA has consisted of 19 Board Members and currently has 17 operational staff. In 2014, Lashio YMCA rented a new place to move its office, but due to high prices of rental fees and instabilities in the area, they had to move into University Christian Fellowship (UCF) compound to continue its operation and expand more community works. It will be a significant collaboration between UCF and YMCA. The UCF has provided a land area for Lashio YMCA, and the building is now under construction. However, due to the recent crisis in Myanmar, this construction project is halted and facing many challenges and difficulties because of instant rises in material prices and economic sanctions.

To continue the construction, SEA Region Y’s Men International is also helping promote this fund-raising project in which the total amount needed is CHF 19,456. Myanmar YMCA is happy to receive all the donations from both internal and external to continue this project. Thus, the local youth can have a better hub to improve their well-being and expand more community works. NGS of Myanmar YMCA, SEA, RSD and DSD-YL, SMIT District Mr. Maung Maung Win is working hard on the fund-raising and hoping for your kind prayers and support.