Pink Shirt Day Campaign 2023 of Japan YMCA

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Last Updated (Friday, 03 March 2023 16:30)

In solidarity with the global anti-bullying movement Pink Shirt Day, Japan YMCA is promoting this initiative throughout all local movements. The last day of every February is marked as YMCA Pink Shirt Day, which this year is 22 February. 

In February 2007, a boy who wore a pink shirt to school was bullied for being a homosexual. Two senior students heard about this, and then, they bought 50 pink shirts and called on the internet to wear pink shirts to school together tomorrow. The next day, hundreds of students who agreed with the call wore pink shirts and accessories to school. The whole school turned pink and bullying naturally stopped. The episode spread to more than 70 countries via social networking and other media, and the last Wednesday in February, when the event took place in Canada, became known as Pink Shirt Day, a day to think about bullying and show solidarity with those who are being bullied. 

↑ Japan YMCA ECM

↑ At Tozanso↑ NCY Japan Staff

The campaign aims to make bullying a 'personal matter' for society as a whole, and to create a society where everyone can live safely and accept diversity, rather than discrimination, prejudice and division, in this Covid-19 disaster.

By: Ms. Sugino Utako, NCY Japan