APAY Strategic Plan for 2012-2015

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Last Updated (Friday, 13 July 2012 18:31)

The APAY Leaders Quadrennial Roundtable

At the 18th General Assembly (September 2011), we discussed our future directions in the Asia and Pacific area. Following that Mandate, the 3rd APAY Leaders’ Quadrennial Roundtable was held at Singapore on 17-19 December 2011. 29 participants from 12 national movements participated. The group was primarily composed of APAY Officers, lay leaders, national general secretaries, youth leaders and the APAY staff.

This leadership meeting ensured that national movements were able to actively participate in the process so they can take ownership of the plan. The process included identifying the important concerns and issues to be addressed and responded to; the deliverables and strategies that will be taken and the indicators that will help gauge the success and impact of the responses.

The plan was endorsed from the Executive Committee Meeting on March 7-9, 2012.

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