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Various Programs and Activities of YMCA Cuttack

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Various Programs and Activities of YMCA Cuttack

1. The Prize Giving Ceremony of the Art & Craft Summer Camp- 2024

The Art & Craft Summer Camp—2024, organized by YMCA Cuttack in association with Hemant’s Art & Creativity, was held from May 20th to 29th, 2024, at YMCA Cuttack. The Prize Giving Ceremony took place on June 1st, 2024, at YMCA Cuttack. The ceremony began with a prayer led by Mr. Sujit Pani, a Board Member of YMCA Cuttack, followed by a cultural program performed by some of the camp participants.

The Chief Guest of the occasion was Padma Shri Shilpi Guru Binod Maharana, who inspired the gathering with his motivational words. Dr. Raj Bolobha Mohanty, President of YMCA Cuttack, delivered a testimonial speech that encouraged the participants for their enthusiasm and efforts. Mr. Hemant Kumar Dash, Fine Artist from Hemant’s Art and Creativity, provided an overview of the Art & Craft Summer Camp – 2024, appreciating the efforts of the participants, parents, and guardians present.

Er. Alok Kumar Sahu, Secretary of YMCA Cuttack, offered the Vote of Thanks, and Mr. Udaya Kumar Puri, Honorary Treasurer of YMCA Cuttack, concluded the ceremony with a prayer. Mr. Ramakanta Sahani, Board Member of YMCA Cuttack, was also present to encourage the summer camp participants.

Following the prize-giving ceremony, the Art & Craft Exhibition was inaugurated by the Chief Guest, Padma Shri Shilpi Guru Binod Maharana. The exhibition featured all the artworks and crafts created by the participants during the summer camp.


The YMCA Cuttack organized a Traffic Awareness Program on 6th June, 2024, at Chandi Chhaka, Cuttack, to celebrate the 180th Foundation Day of World YMCA, founded by Sir George Williams in 1844. The program commenced with a prayer offered by Mr. Manoranjan Samantaray, Staff Coordinator, YMCA Cuttack. Volunteers, Life Members, and Staff of YMCA Cuttack distributed printed leaflets containing traffic rules and regulations to vehicle riders and passersby to raise awareness about obeying traffic rules for their safety and others, with the support and cooperation of the local traffic police. Significant encouragement was provided by the presence of Mr. Udaya Kumar Puri, Honorary Treasurer of YMCA Cuttack, and Mr. Sanjib Kumar Roul, Board Member of YMCA Cuttack. Their support was instrumental in motivating the volunteers and reinforcing the importance of the program. The event concluded with a prayer led by Er. Alok Kumar Sahu, Secretary, YMCA Cuttack, marking the successful completion of the Traffic Awareness Program.


YMCA Cuttack observed Raja Celebration on 14th and 15th June, 2024 for the first time its 130 years of existence in association with Hemant’s Art and Creativity. Odisha is renowned for its vibrant culture and historical legacy. The Raja Festival, a significant celebration in Odisha, holds great importance as it honours fertility and womanhood. On 14th June, 2024, a Drawing Competition was organised. The Competition started with a word of prayer by Rev. Ranjit Jena.  Total 60 participants participated in the competition. On 15th June, 2024, a Pitha Competition was organized and was started with a word of Prayer offered by Mr. Sudhananda Bihari, Board Member, YMCA Cuttack in which 20 mothers participated. After the pitha competition, Rangoli Competition was organized in which 20 girls participated in the competition. YMCA Cuttack also promoted Jan Shikshan Sansthan group of ORMAS Cuttack to sell pitha during the occasion in its premises. The prize giving ceremony was organized after the competitions on 15th June, 2024. Trophies were presented for the Drawing Competition for three groups. Three Induction Cook Tops sponsored by Dr. Raj Bolobha Mohanty, President, YMCA Cuttack were presented to three best pitha participants. While trophies and gifts were presented to the rangoli participants. Judges of the competitions, Mrs. Sudha Singh and Adv. Sangeeta Pattnaik, members of the Innerwheel Club of Cuttack Silver City were the felicitated by Dr. Raj Bolobha Mohanty, President, YMCA Cuttack. During the Celebration Mr. Narendra Kumar Sahoo sponsored Raja Paan for all. During the prize giving ceremony Mr. Sudhananda Bihari, Board Member, YMCA Cuttack, Mrs. Sangeeta Das, President, Innerwheel Club of Cuttack, Ms. Rashmita Maharana, member, Innerwheel Club of Cuttack, Mr. Hemant Kumar Dash and other renowned persons were also present. The prize giving ceremony concluded with the Vote of thanks offered by Er. Alok Kumar Sahu, In-charge office of General Secretary followed by Closing prayer offered by Mrs. Sangeeta Das, President, Innerwheel Club of Cuttack Silvercity.

By Er. Alok Kumar Sahu, Secretary,

In-charge O/o General Secretary, YMCA Cuttack


"YMCA Timor-Leste is working with the Timorese community."

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The YMCA Timor Leste celebrate Easter Day with children, adolescents, and youth.

The YMCA of Timor-Leste and the blessings team joined activities during the easter day celebration at the YMCA centre in Terra Santa, Suco Madohi, on 07th April 2024.  It was a great opportunity because we combined activities for children, adolescents, and youth at the same time. We take the opportunity to share our meaningful ideas on Eastern Day with participants. Even though we have a limitation of resources, we manage to have several activities such as singing a song, bible sharing and easter eggs hide and seek.

Pre-school Boa Esperanca reflections in easter day with students and teacher.

Dear Readers,

Greetings from the General Secretariat

May the renewal of life at Easter bring new blessings of love, peace, good health and happiness to YMCA members and your loved ones. Take this opportunity to share with you YMCA of Timor Leste Activities and meetings during March – April 2024.

Together, we can build a stronger, healthier, and more compassionate society. I wish you all the time filled with hope, joy, and new opportunities, from the blessings of our Lord Jesus Christ with us, and thank you.

Best regards

Harun Yohanes Boavida

From general secretary

YMCA of Timor-Leste


Opening remarks from the YMCA of Timor-Leste, general secretary, continue with introduction sessions. The output of the meeting to strengthen the Japanese language course at the YMCA training centre and continue to improve learning sessions to enable participants to compete in the sessional workers for economic gain and, most importantly is, culture exchange between Japan and Timor-Leste. The meeting was held in the YMCA centre office in Terra Santa, Suco Madohi, Administrative Dom Aleixo, Municipality Dili, on 12th March 2024.

The outcome of the meeting was that the Japan Foundation agreed to support the YMCA training centre specific to Japanese language course teachers by providing learning materials to develop learning quality in the Japanese language. The Japanese Embassy in Dili also shared the Grant Assistance for Grass-roots Human Security Projects (GGP) with YMCA Timor-Leste to apply for improving the training room and preschool classroom because buildings require maintenance after 9-12 years of utilisation.

For the future existence of the training centre, the YMCA of Timor-Leste must improve the training facilities, such as furniture and classrooms, to meet national standards. We also shared that the YMCA got operational certificates for the Japanese language course program for a period of two years to improve facilities and room space to meet the minimum criteria of a training centre for accreditation purposes.

The Japan Foundation and Embassy representative visit Japanese language classroom to meet with participants while learning session is ongoing.


YMCA Pakistan Honored the Sohail Sisters for their Athletic Achievements

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Tribute to Power Girls

LAHORE (PR): Four sisters and all are excellent athletes bringing honor and pride to Pakistan by winning competitions and tournaments the world over in different countries.

A special ceremony was held at the historic YMCA Hall for Twinkle Sohail, Maryam Sohail, Cybil Sohail and Veronica Sohail for winning various titles and competitions of Kabbadi, power lifting and weight lifting. The YMCA Lahore announced honorary membership for four athletes. Bishop of Lahore Rt Rev Nadeem Kamran was chief guest on the occasion and he was honoured with life membership of YMCA. CEO National News Nama Amjad Javed Khan was the guest of honour.

Bishop Kamran appreciated the services of YMCA for the youth. “It is heartening to see that YMCA is giving recognition to the four Christian sisters who have made the nation proud by winning at regional, Asian and world level in different categories of power lifting, weight lifting and kabbadi. The Christian community is proud of these girls and we wish them the best. Their training and winners is not an easy task and they must be helped,” he said.

General Secretary YMCA Emanuel Sarfraz said the YMCA has always backed athletes and sports people. “The YMCA today makes Sohail sisters as its good will ambassadors so that they may encourage the other Christian youth to excel in life.

“We request the first female Chief Minister Maryam Nawaz to whom the Christian community looks with great expectations of progress and development to personally meet these athletes and help solve their problems,” Sarfraz said.

Twinkle, who won four gold medals in recent years, and Cybil who is also a gold medalist, explained in detail the various problems that the sisters face.

It may be mentioned here that Pakistan Sports Board and other bodies do not fully fund and help the athletes. They go through the rigorous training and themselves meet all the expenses even that of healthy diet.

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By Emanuel Sarfraz

GS of YMCA Pakistan