Structure and Leadership

The Council

The Council of the Alliance is composed of three representatives from each member National Movement. They are: the President, the National General Secretary and one Youth representative. The Council is convened quadrennially in conjunction with the Alliance General Assembly. Each member National Movement has equal vote. The Council attends to Constitutional matters, elects Officers of the Alliance, forms various Standing Committees and sets the direction and thrust of the Alliance for the next quadrennium. The Board of the Asia and Pacific Alliance of YMCAs are the President, Four Vice-Presidents, Treasurer, Two Members and the General Secretary (Ex-officio).

The Executive Committee

The Executive Committee consists of the elected Officers of The Alliance and ONE from each of the member National Movements. The Asian members of the World Alliance Executive Committee, Secretary General of the World Alliance, and former Presidents of The Alliance are Ex-Officio members of the Executive Committee. The Executive Committee meets annually and carries out the general policy and specific instructions of the Council.

The Standing Committees

The Alliance forms Committees for specific tasks. These Committees are accountable to the Executive Committee. The present Standing Committees are:

Committee on Mission and Responses

Youth Participation and Leadership Development

Gender Equity

Finance and Administration

Constitutional Matters

Golden Anniversary Trust Fund

Personnel Committee

The Staff

The Alliance has a staff team operating from the Alliance Office located in Hong Kong. The staff execute the decisions of the Executive Committee. The present staff consists of the General Secretary, two Executive Secretaries for Programmes, an Accountant, one Secretarial staff and a Support staff. The General Secretary is the Chief Executive of the Alliance.