Gender Equity Committee Felicitated the writers of the International Essay Contest

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Last Updated (Thursday, 05 May 2022 15:48)

The felicitation ceremony of the International Essay Contest on “Towards a Better World for Women and Girls: Gender Justice by 2030” as part of the 16 Days of Activism Against Gender-Based Violence was organised virtually on April 29, 2022. Around 25 participants joined the meeting, including members of the gender equity committee (GEC).

MC of the ceremony, Cecilia Lou, a member of the GEC, opened the meeting by welcoming the participants and guests. Sunita Suna, executive secretary of APAY, briefly introduced the international essay contest, its objectives, significance, etc. She also explained in detail the process and criteria of the said contest. She informed the following judges were selected to review the essays are:

Dr. Marie Aubrey J. Villaceran, professor at the Department of English and Comparative Literature at the University of the Philippines, Diliman.

Dr. D. Dominic, Professor & Director, Dept of Kannada Studies, Bangalore University, Karnataka, India

APAY General Secretary Nam Boo Won gave congratulatory remarks to the achievers. He expressed his deep appreciation for the work done by the GEC and congratulated the achievers of the essay contest. GS Nam said it would be interesting and meaningful to know this generation's perspectives concerning gender equity, and he is very much looking forward to reading those essays. He also acknowledged that only the APAY region has the gender equity committee and affirmed to continue to work on achieving a gender-just world, and said the essay contest would be an ongoing activity of the APAY.

The achievers of the essay contest were announced by the MC, followed by the felicitation awarded with certificates. The judges chose the following writers for the category A and B:

Category A (15-20 yrs)

Ms. Nguyễn Lê Quỳnh Nhi, YMCA Vietnam
1st Prize USD500
Ms. Francine Beatriz PRADEZ, YMCA Pangasina, Philippines
2nd Prize USD300
Ms. Ashley Eurie Dela Cruz DG VELASQUEZ,

YMCA Pangasina, Philippines,
3rd Prize USD200

Category B (21-30 yrs)

Ms. Karisma Das, Patna YMCA, India
1st Prize USD500
Ms. Jeniffer Vasanthi, YMCA Thiruvottiyur, North Chennai, India
2nd Prize USD300
Ms. Indira Ninutchka Ramayana Graca Tabamo Roxas,

Cagayan De Oro YMCA, Philippines 
3rd Prize USD200

Dr Hahn Meerha, Chairperson, GEC, APAY, gave the Congratulatory Message.

She encouraged the participants to be persistent and endure towards their goals, and she invited them to participate in the 2022 International Essay Contest. She first acknowledged the presence of the participants who couldn’t win a prize. She congratulated them for their enthusiasm in participating in the essay contest, and she considers they are also winners!

Ms. Nagako Okado, the APAY gender equity committee member and the APAY board member, said the theme was a perfect call for the APAY region. Gender issue varies from context to context, but we must focus on human dignity. She quoted the Bible verse Genesis 1:27, affirming that we are created in the image and likeness of God, and we are equal in the sight of God. She invited us to walk together for gender justice, and there will be a significant impact on this movement. She congratulated the winners and all the participants.

The achievers were then invited to give their responses briefly, followed by a vote of thanks by Siu Law, a member of the GEC.

Sunita Suna concluded the meeting by inviting all to read the Franciscan blessings together to inspire, encourage and strengthen us to be more committed to creating an inclusive and just society and the world!

By Gender Equity Committee