Yokohama YMCA organized a Prayer Meeting for Myanmar

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A special prayer meeting for Myanmar was held on Saturday, May 6, 2023, hosted by the Yokohama YMCA International Committee. About 30 participants from Japan and abroad gathered for the online prayer meeting. 

More than three years have passed since the military coup d’état in Myanmar in February 2021, and the people of Myanmar are still in a difficult situation. We, Yokohama YMCA, have long been involved in exchange programs and medical support activities with the Myanmar YMCA, but we have been forced to suspend our activities there. Even though we cannot meet in person, we hold a prayer meeting for Myanmar annually in May to express our desire to always be with them. 

This time, we invited two Myanmar youths from Yokohama YMCA to speak about Myanmar. The youths gave the following message: "We hope that the people of Myanmar will have the peace, prosperity, and freedom they deserve, that the war in the country will end as soon as possible, and that a Just World will be realized in which human rights are not lost. Then, Ms. Khin Sangsan Aung, a pastor from Myanmar who lives in Japan, gave a message from Isaiah 43:19, "Let us not forget to hope amid difficulties, for God is with us". The message was very encouraging to us. Ms. Phyu Thin, President of Loikaw YMCA, also participated in the prayer meeting and reported that Loikaw YMCA had overcome many difficulties and has now been certified as a regional YMCA by the National Council YMCAs of Myanmar. 

The situation has become even more serious due to the severe damage caused by the cyclone in Rakhine State, Myanmar. 

Yokohama YMCA will always remember the people of Myanmar, pray for them, and continue to support them. 


By Global & Local Community Services
Yokohama YMCA